From Milan to Mainstream: Moschino’s rise to fame*

There’s a serious shift going on in fashion within the UK right now. Now more than ever people such as myself are saving up and splashing out on designer items rather than fast fashion. It’s though that this is an effect of increased celebrity endorsements and the continual rise of reality TV. As a result fashion designers are having to fight even harder to stay relevant and make themselves stand out and there is one label that is still as strong now as when it first appeared on the fashion scene back in 1983- Moschino.


The Origins:

Founded by Franco Moschino in Italy the brand is known for it’s somewhat zany and outrageous designs which are loved by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus. Based on the concept that women should wear what they want and not what they “should” it didn’t take long before the brand had the encouragement of Gianni Versace who’s encouragement helped launch Moschino couture in 1983.
Leading on from the success of the first shows the couture line was soon followed by Moschino Cheap and Chic and Moschino Jeans (now known as Love Moschino). In 1994 Franco Moschino designed his last collection- Ecouture made from environmentally friendly materials.
Following his death in 1994 Franco Moschino’s beloved business was taken over by close friend and collaborator Rosella Jardini. She launched Moschino boutiques all over the world and help build the brand up before it was taken over by Jeremy Scott who is still head designer to this date.

The Style:

Right from the start Moschino has been about bold and “excessive” designs- it has never been afraid to stand out and push boundaries. Early collections memorably featured cow prints, question marks and a hefty dose of satire and there have been numerous publicity stunts too- Jeremy Scott throwing dollar bills printed with his own face at a show named ‘American Excess’ particularly stands out.
In recent years the brand has experimented with some particularly loud and memorable designs featuring teddy bears, Looney Tunes characters and also encompassed famous brands such as McDonalds and Coca Cola. These pop-culture references and instagram worthy designs have turned heads and captured the attention of both celebrities and bloggers.

Why Wear Moschino?

If you’re in to fashion it’s pretty much a given that you’ll be aware of Moschino- they are near impossible to ignore. With a specialism in irony that almost mocks the world of high fashion whilst capturing the imagination the brand certainly knows how to make a statement. All this whilst preserving the original high quality, beautiful craftsmanship that we associate with any luxury designer brand. Moschino keeps the fashion world in suspense wondering what they will come up with next.

Where to buy Moschino:

The brand’s collections sell out fast so you need to be quick off the mark. In the UK you can get your hands on the latest launches through luxury fashion retailer Garment Quarter… race ya!