Another Day, Another Wish List

I’ve had so many good intentions for blogging lately, determined to get back at it and start sharing more of what I love/wear/do/buy, and then life happens and before you know it over a week has passed since I last had a chance to put anything down on screen, and when I do all I can muster is another wish list.

Nothing wrong with wish lists of course, and mine is seemingly endless at the moment despite quite a large amount of retail therapy. It’s only 6 days now until we escape on our American Road Trip Adventure so every spare penny has been going towards that, hopefully when I’m back I’ll have some spare cash once more and be able to shop away the inevitable post-holiday blues…and what will I be buying? Hopefully some of the below!

I’m still obsessing over Angel Eye, although this time it’s a more casual number that’s caught my eye. This is the kind of dress I’m loving for every day wear right now, and at £30.00 it’s incredibly reasonable.
This dress and I would sadly never work out. I am a spiller and I would place money on me spilling something over an all white ensemble within seconds. Still, I couldn’t not include this dress from Joy; so simple and yet so covetable with that sleeve detail!
I’ve seen this Miss Selfridge dress* all over social media lately. I’m not normally one to jump on the hype bandwagon but I make exception for this beauty (currently discounted too!)
Another Miss Selfridge beauty* here, also discounted to just £28, my resolve not to shop is seriously wavering over this one.
This Disney x Coach hoodie is pretty much sold out everywhere, although Very have a couple of sizes in stock. It’s just as well really as I cannot drop £195 on a hoodie no matter how adorable it is, but I am seriously coveting this.
It’s clearly a week for dresses, and I couldn’t not include this delight from Yumi. A long time favourite brand of mine and this little show stopper should explain exactly why I love them.

What have you been buying, or spying lately? And what stores do I need to hit up in the USA?

Cat Lady Fashion feat. Oasis

A few days ago I posted a spring dress wish list and mentioned that I’d re-discovered the high street hero that is Oasis. They’d somehow slipped off of my radar for a while but a month or so ago a fellow crazy cat lady at work mentioned they had some fabulous feline themed pieces in store, and with a shopping tripped planned with my Mum that weekend it seemed only right that I pay them a visit.
It was a tough call between this dress and this jumper but after trying both on it was swiftly decided that it was the skater dress that was coming home with me.
This dress is just part of a partnership with the animal charity Blue Cross which provides support for pets, and pet owners in need, ensuring they can access affordable veterinary care and finds homes for abandoned animals. I could quite easily have taken everything home as I had forgotten just how well Oasis clothes fit and how good quality they are.
It’s not just this collection that has caught my eye either. Oasis are currently killing it with their new arrivals and it’s seriously paining me that I can’t afford to go on a wild spending spree (especially as they are running 25% off some of their seasonal styles at the moment).

For now I’ll just enjoy my latest addition to my ever growing cat themed clothing collection. Is being the wrong side of 30 a bit old for this kind of novelty print? Not a chance…not in my book anyway…the more cats the better for this lady.

The Spring Dress Wish List

The recent milder spell of weather and odd sunshine bathed day has me full of hope that Spring might be on the horizon; I do remember having this same train of thought last year though and then we got hit by The Beast From The East so we’ll see how long this optimism lasts! Still, un-predictable weather aside it’s been a long time since a wish list post graced this blog, so here we are with my current obsession- dresses perfect for that transition in to Spring.

Monki Wrap Dress | Joanie Star and Scallop Dress

I love the bright and bold prints on both of these dresses, especially the star and scallop print on the Joanie dress. The Monki shirt dress looks perfect for dressing up for work, or down with trainers for the weekend, and the Joanie number is a bargain at just £30.

Floral Skater Dress from Oasis | Unity Posy Midi Dress from Joy

Both Joy and Oasis dropped off my radar for a while, and both used to feature regularly on the blog back in the day. These floral dresses are both ideal for Spring and I’ve made myself a promise to frequent these stores more regularly for inspiration and the occasional purchase when budgets allow. I did pick up an awesome dress in Oasis just after Christmas which is coming up in a blog post soon. Florals for Spring may not be groundbreaking, but they sure do work.

Ruffle Floral Dress from Warehouse

I saw this dress pop up on Warehouse’s social media recently and instantly fell in love. My current shopping ban means I can’t make the £69 purchase at the moment but I’m mentally making excuses to break the ban; would it be perfect for a late Spring wedding I’m going to? I’d love some opinions on this as it might be enough to justify the spend!
What’s caught your eye lately? I’m loving the high street right now, and it’s the worst possible timing to feel so inspired to shop as all of my spare pennies are being filtered towards spends for the epic holiday Bob and I have planned…it’ll be worth it, but I can feel my halo slipping.

Hit Refresh

Is there anything better than a fresh hair colour to pull you out of a funk? Finding this perfect red shade via my local hairdresser a couple of years ago marked a real turning point for me; it became the shade that signified re-finding my confidence after a hellish few years, and getting back out there in to the real world and embracing recovery with everything I had.

Last weekend, determined to pull me out of my January blues, Bob packed me off to the salon (he kinda owed me after telling me he’d never seen me with so many grey hairs) and I came home re-vitalised and ready to plough on through these last few kilos of weight restoration and turn my life in to something even more fulfilling than it already is.

I picked this dress up in the & other stories sale after Christmas. Still an extravagant purchase for me, but I couldn’t leave it behind. It’s exactly the kind of thing the true me loves to wear, and being all floaty and forgiving it’s perfect for those all too frequent days where body image isn’t my best friend.
And so far this refresh is working, it’s not easy, in fact this is probably the hardest phase of recovery from an eating disorder. My BMI is no longer wedged far down in to the underweight category, and arguably I don’t look underweight in the slightest. I live in silent fear of being judged for my decision to add another 5kg to my frame despite knowing I’m doing it to enable all the things I still want to achieve to happen.

Time is ticking and I know that if I want to start a family, if I want to live the rest of my life in a world where I don’t count every calorie or scrutinise every menu within an inch of it’s life I need to do this. And what’s shameful about wanting to be the best version of myself I can possibly be? What’s so wrong about wanting to have a healthy figure that has the energy and strength to start running again, or embrace the great outdoors and go on long hikes or bike rides with my boyfriend or my friends and family?

I couldn’t resist adding in this picture of Pablo and I, taken in one of his rare co-operative moments. It’s hard to believe he ever fitted in to the palm of my hand, or nestled in to my neck when we first met him at 8 weeks old. He’s a right little character who keeps us on our toes- he’s obsessed with foil, meows relentlessly at the fridge for slices of cooked chicken, he’s destroyed every toy we’ve bought him and makes our living room look like a toddler tornado has run through it. But he’s the sweetest, most sociable little creature and yet another addition to my life that simply wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t hit refresh two and a half years ago.

Ace the Races with PrettyLittleThing*

It’s been a very long time since a brand approached me about a clothing collaboration so I was more than a little bit excited when PrettyLittleThing got in touch about styling up some race day worthy outfits. I’ve never been to the races myself but have seen plenty of coverage from those who have and I had my own idea of the kind of style I’d like to sport- PrettyLittleThing have everyone covered though with a huge selection and my toughest choice was narrowing my selection down! In the end I picked two outfits that I feel wouldn’t be out of place at even the grandest of race days, I’d love to know what you think and what you’d have picked.

Dress | Shoes both c/o PrettyLittleThing

I fell in love with the retro vibe of this chocolate brown midi dress instantly, the sleeve detail is so unique and it hangs beautifully. I wouldn’t usually go for such a delicate shoe but I love how the rose gold looks with this outfit, and despite having to size up in the shoes (hello wide feet woes) they are a lot more comfortable than they look.

Dress | Shoes | Bag all c/o PrettyLittleThing

This emerald green dress is unlike anything I have ever owned before and I was in two minds about picking it as I wasn’t sure a plunging neckline would be my friend. Thankfully it worked, although a bit more in the boobs department might have helped! I was taken by the tied cuff details and the wrap around effect, I kept shoes more subtle this time as the dress is far more revealing than anything I usually wear, and I couldn’t resist adding in this little marabou feather clutch bag for a finishing touch.
Have you ever been to the races before? As a complete novice, how did I do with my outfit selections?