Father’s Day Inspiration with Red Candy

You may recall it was only a few weeks ago that I featured Red Candy on the blog, raving about my long term love for the online retailer. It’s with great pleasure that I have collaborated with them once again, this time on a Father’s Day themed post…looking for the perfect quirky gift? Allow me to direct you to the Red Candy Gifts for Him department.

I was once again very kindly allowed to pick out some products from the huge selection that Red Candy has to offer so I thought I’d make this post a place where I talk about these great pieces as well as sharing some other favourites that would be perfect for Father’s Day.

So, firstly I picked out this fixie pizza cutter which I just thought was brilliant to be honest. Great for both the kitchen gadget geek or the lover of the great outdoors, it also looks fantastic on display.

I’m a sucker for novelty lighting and I think it makes a great gift so I was immediately drawn to this Triceratops mini LED lamp. You can either run this via USB or batteries so it’s a good all round novelty gift that looks cool rather than gimmicky. To be honest this one is being kept entirely to myself- I’ve amassed a small collection of random lighting and it’s a collection I’m keen to grow.

Finally I picked out this rather sleek looking alarm clock. How gorgeous is this? I know most people rely on their phones as alarms these days but my Dad doesn’t and I am sure there are others out there who are the same- and even if it never gets used for it’s intended purpose it’s still a pretty snazzy looking addition to any bedroom!

On to my other favourites from Red Candy…let me know if this post has helped you out with your Father’s Day shopping, or what the best present you’ve ever bought someone is.

Light | Clock | Globe | Picture | Planters


Father’s Day Inspiration with YourDesign

Usually when it comes to doing gift guides for Mother’s day and Father’s day I tend to focus on ideas for Mums and get stuck completely when it comes to Dads. This year sees this reverse itself though- I massively struggled to come up with any ideas for Mother’s day, both for the blog and in reality and yet I have several posts coming up with gift inspiration for Father’s day (and I’m getting there with my ideas for the perfect gift for my own dear Dad).

The first of these gift guides comes in association with YourDesign who kindly sent me over a selection of their personalised gifts which are perfect for showing your dad how great you think he is!

The website has loads of ideas for Father’s day gifts with items to suit all budgets and tastes- all with the option to personalise them for that extra special touch.

The item I was most drawn to for my own Dad was the Father’s Day “Reserved” cushion. In our house Dad has his own armchair and woe betide anyone who tries to park their backside on it (at least when Dad’s around). This cushion makes it pretty clear that sitting there isn’t a great idea and if you want to go one step further you can have it personalised with your Dad’s name- although I stuck with the more traditional approach to parental titles myself.

I also picked out a couple of smaller gifts to showcase what YourDesign can offer. The personalised drumstick keyring only costs £4 so makes a great extra little gift for any music mad Dad. These are so cute and fun! I didn’t get them engraved which I now regret, although I now have the perfect excuse to keep them for myself!

The final item I picked was this personalised glass candle as I don’t think candles should be restricted to female gifting only. This one has a lovely fresh scent- lime, basil and mandarin that isn’t the slightest bit girly and again the personalisation adds a great finishing touch.

Have you started shopping for your Dad yet? If you’re taken with any of these products or see anything else in YourDesign’s extensive range then they are kindly offering a 10% discount on all orders when you use the code DaisyChain10 at the checkout.

Let me know what you think, and stay tuned for the next little gift guide…


A gift with a twist- Personalized Flowers

Flowers always make for a lovely gift in my eyes, perfect for saying “well done”, “get well soon”, “thank you” or simply just because. I was recently contacted by Personalized Flowers about their twist on the traditional gift, they offer the option of sending a stunning rose to someone complete with a personal message printed directly on to the flower itself. Intrigued by how this could work I found myself taking up the offer of a rose*, choosing to have it printed with a simple thank you to my parents because lately, more than ever they have gone above and beyond with their love and support.
The rose arrived in sturdy cardboard packaging meaning it survived the postal journey- always a plus when sending a gift! It was housed in a self contained pod of water and made for an attractive offering. I wasn’t sure how printing on to a fresh flower would actually translate but the effect was nice and lasted for as long as the rose did (about a week for the record). Both myself and my parents were really taken with this, it could be seen as a bit of a gimmick by some but it was nice for them to be able to display this token of appreciation and for me to find something to give them that isn’t yet another bundle of chocolate.

The ordering process is simple, you can select from one of four colours for the rose (orange, white, yellow or pink) and then customise with either no message (£5.99), a pre-set message (£7.99), a custom message (£8.99) or for a gift that will truly last you can select a silk rose for (£9.99) with a message of your choice. You can add in a card at no extra cost and select a delivery date to suit you.

It’s not something I’ll be sending all of the time- it’s not the cheapest gift around but as a unique concept and the chance to send something a little bit different I think it’s a great idea and a well executed one.

Who would you most like to send a rose to right now?


Father’s Day Inspiration with House of Fraser*

With Father’s Day looming (19th June FYI) I thought it only right and fair that I do my best to provide inspiration on how to spoil the main man in your life as I always seem to be coming up with female orientated gift guides. There’s a reason for this in that shopping for my Mum is just so easy. We have very similar tastes and it’s rare that I go on any shopping trip without coming back with a little something to stash away for her. My Dad on the other hand is a different story and over the years I’ve become known for my off the wall thinking when it comes to my gifts to him- the policeman mole figurine and 50th Birthday Ant Farm are two that spring to mind as successes in the past. Still, focusing on something a little more traditional I’ve popped together some top ideas from House of Fraser’s selection of men’s accessories which will hopefully help point you in the right direction.

Will I be going down the more traditional route this year? Not likely, but I do know that when my stash of quirky ideas runs out my Dad would be more than happy to receive any of these gifts instead.

On the surface these might all look like quite run of the mill ideas, but with a huge range of quality brands (my Dad for example would love the Paul Smith cufflinks or Ted Baker iPad case) and something to suit all budgets- from £4.00 socks to watches costing hundreds there is something for all tastes and all budgets.

Now I’ve just got to work out if my lovingly handmade gift is going to cut it or if I need to be heading to the shops instead!

Which parent do you find easiest to shop for? I know my best friend is in the opposite situation to me and has a nightmare of a time trying to pick out a present for her Mum!


(Insta) life recap: 10

Happy Halloween folks! I think the scariest thing about today is that we’re at the end of yet another month and Christmas is oh so rapidly approaching. Anyway, as it’s the end of the month here’s my latest recap of my Instagram action this month…it’s been a busy and exciting one but over far, far too fast. Time flies when you’re having fun eh? (that and getting old…)
Most of these are from my holiday at the start of the month, I never did share any of my snaps so fill your boots and take me back to the beach! Other highlights of the month included my Dad’s retirement party, being treated to a Mulberry purse, a mini break away with Ben and Mae being such a ham. Hover over the images for the caption.

You can follow me on instagram for even more snap shots of my life- don’t forget to link me up to your posts and instagram accounts, I love a good nosey!