Fashionable Gifts For The Stylish Man In Your Life*

It’s a common cliché that women like to look good but men can be just as bad. The amount of time some guys spend in front of the mirror is downright shocking- women even have to tell men on dating apps they aren’t willing to hang around. Maybe it’s the pot calling the kettle black, but a girl’s gotta get her drink on at some point.

To be honest, women secretly love the fact that their men take care of their appearance. Looks aren’t everything, yet it’s nice to go out in public with a person who doesn’t look like they’ve gone through a hedge backwards. What is it with the big beards nowadays boys?

Yep, a trendy guy is a sexy guy – fact. So it makes sense to play on his ego and keep him on point. When it comes to men you never know when they will change up and go back to being casual. Plus Christmas is coming up and you need gift ideas!

Don’t worry because this post has got you covered. Here are awesome fashionable gifts for the stylish man in your life.


A Pair Of Trainers

Formal is good, in fact it’s terrific when he dons a suit and a fitted shirt, but a guy has got to breathe from time to time. Casual will always be his main look, as is the case with most guys. Still, the times when he does dress up are extra exciting! Seen as he is going to be smart/cas, the best option is to buy a new pair of trainers. For one thing sneaks are getting dead trendy nowadays- gone are the old Nikes which look like moon boots and in are the sleek, suave replacements. Plus, men tend to wear their footwear to death. From boots to trainers the material can be hanging off before they head to JD for a new pair. As the mature one in the relationship it’s best to be on the ball and top up his sneaker collection. Then, people may think he knows what he’s doing.

A Trendy Bag

Sadly the days of briefcases are no more. Today an average businessman wonders the streets with his hands in his pockets. It’s a sad sight and one you don’t want your man to replicate. To be honest, a briefcase is an amazing gift for a guy who works in an office. Firstly it’s as practical as it is stylish. Secondly, fashions are coming back with every passing day. Soon he may be the “guy” who brought back briefcases. However he may also feel like the guy at work who looks like Will from the Inbetweeners. In this case a trendy duffel bag goes a long way. Focus on the material because the fabric makes the bag handsome. Leather, for example, is back with a bang.

Stylish Headphones

Before we get into it do you know the difference between headphones and earphones? Of course, it’s kinda self-explanatory yet guys get real serious about headsets. Earphones are out and headphones are in. It’s something to do with being a hipster. Anyway, a modern man won’t go out in public unless he has the right pair of phones on his head. Sounds like a simple purchase but it’s a delicate balance between style and quality. Beats took over the market a few years ago but people are starting to switch to better alternatives. As a rule, you can’t go wrong with Bose electronics. High quality is their main concern but they come in a variety of styles and colours. Not to burst your bubble, however but good headphones tend to cost upwards of £75. Anything less and the quality will distort.

Non-Gaudy Accessories

Most men don’t buy jewellery which looks gaudy on purpose. Even worse they think it seems fresh and elegant! The problem with guys and accessories is their lack of experience. Not to make it a gender thing, but women wear jewellery every day. The boys have only started catching up in the last couple of years so lack the experience. Still, you can’t go out and buy the pieces which you love. He has a specific style and your role as a personal shopper is to find the items which hit the brief. Plenty of men love chains yet end up looking like B. A. Baracus which is not cool. They don’t know that men’s gold chains designed by Frost NYC mix a focal point with style. However you do which is why a little black contact book is essential. Men tend to go with the first thing they see whereas women browse.


A Razor Kit

There’s a good chance the man of your dreams has a beard. Maybe not the one which makes him look like a captain on the high seas, but stubble nonetheless. Because no woman wants a yeti for a fella, a razor kit is essential. It’s no secret that guys are lazy and will let their growth get out of hand. From a career perspective it is a bad move because it comes across as unprofessional. A sharp blade, maybe even a cutthroat will keep their beard hair to a minimum. What if you like a bit of a beard? Good question. In this scenario forget about a razor and opt for a trimmer. With a variety of settings, a Remington is an easy way to maintain the perfect amount of growth. As an extra, get him an instruction manual. Trimming is easy but shaping and moulding are a lot harder to master.

A Smart Coat

Guys have a thing with coats and jackets. For some reason they want to dress like an 18-year-old university student. Yes, a puffer jacket is stylish and warm but it looks a bit immature. Men, as in real men, don’t wear anything which is young or hipster and your guy should follow suit. To start with shop around for coats which are warm and practical. Now that autumn is here and winter on the way a jacket shouldn’t be flimsy. Once the material is on point start thinking about the style. A long, fitted coat is always a fantastic choice because it’s elegant and chic. Plus, it’s flexible. Walk through Soho in London and all the businessmen will have a stylish coat with suit trousers. Going back to the fabric, why not opt for tweed or wool? Both have an air of sophistication and are as toasty as it gets. If it’s good enough for sheep in the winter…


Workwear has and is evolving. As a woman you know how difficult a balance it is to be comfortable and professional. Well, men go through the same thing too. Their plight isn’t as harsh seen as they don’t have to wear five-inch heels. Still your man wants to dress to impress without cutting off the air supply to his vital organs. Thankfully this is where a pair of chinos takes centre stage. Because they are fitted they look and feel like suit trousers. However, chinos are less rigid and have more give. So, when he’s sat at his desk he won’t have to worry about the circulation to his family jewels. From a style perspective navy blue and beige chinos go with pretty much any shirt and blazer. There is no reason to worry about boots either.

A Multifaceted Wallet

A wallet says a lot about a man. A guy with notes and paper sticking out either means he’s got too much money or he can’t be bothered going to the bank. A man with a small wallet relies on a card or has just come back from travelling. Smaller ones fit more snugly into tight short pockets you see. The point is people will see his wallet and make a judgement. So, it has to look the part, whether it’s a classic leather ensemble or a suede number. As a rule, the sharper, the better. But, don’t forget your man is a modern guy with modern needs. And, his wallet is the perfect appliance to keep him topped up and on the go. Yes, it can be an appliance if you get the right one. Take one with a built-in battery charger. As soon as his iPhone starts to die, he can plug it into his new age wallet. Then, he’ll never be able to say he missed your call because he had zero battery.


Summer has sashayed off into the horizon, but sunglasses haven’t followed suit. The sun may not be as powerful in the fall; nonetheless there are the odd blasts of rays. Sometimes autumn in the UK is brighter than summer in Britain! Walking around wearing wood sunglasses won’t result in positive feedback when the mercury drops. However, driving with a pair of sunglasses is acceptable. In fact, it’s downright stylish in 2017. As long as he doesn’t wear them outside of the car, he’ll smash it out the park. On the even brighter side, the right ones may make him think a winter holiday is in order.

Your man may be stylish, but he’s about to get a lesson in fashion!


New from 100 Hail Marys

Back in April I introduced East London based brand 100 Hail Marys and touted them as one to watch.

Just over six months after their original launch the brand are back with a new drop of products, with the same creativity and ethos of their first collection. I love seeing a new brand flourish and that’s exactly what 100 Hail Marys has done, below I’m sharing some of my favourite items from the new range (which is kind of my own personal wish list as well!)

The whole collection is fun and vibrant and it’s clear to see how Scandinavian street style has influenced the designs. The Vintage selection is a new range and features hand painted camouflage jackets and dresses for serious style with attitude.

For anyone who hasn’t read my original post, a brief bio of the brand (as told on their website):

“100 Hail Marys is a London-based lifestyle brand inspired by urban youth culture and street style. Founder Christian Gould has worked in the creative industry in London and Stockholm for 20 years and combines his passions from stencilling to screen printing and typography to tattoos to create our launch collection of apparel and art.

We individually screen print each piece by hand in our East London studio and we only use environmentally friendly inks. Our art pieces are limited editions of 100 which Christian creates using stencils and spray paint.”

The Letgo sweatshirt is featuring very highly on my current clothing wish list, as is the tongue-in-cheek “I did yoga once” tee.

It’s so nice to be able to follow up on a brand after covering their launch and to find them flourishing. I’m pretty certain you’ll be seeing a lot more of 100 Hail Marys in the future, both on the blog and on the streets.


the cosiest jumper in the world

I’m absolutely delighted to see an abundance of chenille on the high street as we run in to the coldest months of the year. Ever since I was small I’ve loved the look and feel of it and wear it instantly makes me feel snug and secure. On a recent and long overdue shopping trip with my Mum I fell in love with THE most perfect chenille jumper of them all- from the colour to the fit it ticked all the right boxes and it just had to come home with me- Mum clearly felt the same way as she pounced upon and purchased the pink version within seconds!

Jumper: Pull and Bear (here) | Skirt: Monki (on sale at ASOS) | Boots: Banana Republic

How great is this bright Teal shade? At £19.99 it’s also one of the most affordable chenille jumpers I’ve seen on my travels with the added bonus that it isn’t cropped- call me old fashioned but I just don’t get cropped jumpers…the whole point is to be warm and snuggly in them, clearly I am just showing my age here though as the damn things are everywhere.

Rant over, the skirt is also a recent purchase as I loved the entire cosmic print range Monki bought out. I already picked up the dress so when I saw the skirt reduced to £16.50 in the ASOS sale I couldn’t help myself.

It’s so nice to be able to shop again- I’m pretty much back to working full time hours now, most of the time and actually having some spare cash after over a year of having to watch every single penny is so nice. It was also amazing to have an afternoon of un-interrupted mother and daughter time, since we both took on new job roles we very rarely get to spend much time together so we appreciate it all the more when we do get the chance.

It’s been a while since I did an outfit post, life has genuinely been so busy and this has reflected in the type of content I’ve churned out on my blog. I’m really hoping that now I’ve got in to a routine and I’m finally started to feel a bit more settled and confident in my changing body shape and size that I can get back to sharing a bit more of my personal style in amongst the likely plethora of gift guides and lifestyle posts.

If there’s anything you’d like to see more of on the blog or anything you’d like me to answer then feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section below. I was going to some kind of “life lately” update post but I’m not all that sure how interesting that would be, and I might just save it for an end of the year recap given that before we know it we’ll be entering the start of 2018 (what a startling realisation that is!)

Anyone else feeling the chenille love?


What do different colour shirts say about men?*

When a man chooses a new shirt it’s likely that he’ll ask himself a few questions, these may include: does it match with these trousers? Is the material of a good quality? Is it suitable for the dress code? Something that men should also be asking is – what does this colour say about me?

Some research has demonstrated that the colours a man chooses to wear can say a lot about them. For example, if they’re looking to come across as powerful then they should choose red and if they want to demonstrate their confidence they should wear black. I have teamed up with Charles Tyrwhitt, experts in gentlemen’s fashion and retailers of men’s formal shirts to investigate further and find out which colours women prefer on men.

(Photo by Crew on Unsplash)

What do women think of when we see different colours?
When it comes to men dressed in different colours, women perceive some colours more positively than others. Men should consider one of the following coloured shirts if they’re looking to impress…

Powerful red-
Red is commonly associated with love and passion. It is thought that the attraction to red comes from our biological roots – many animals such as baboons are attracted to the opposite sex if they display bright colours. To wear this on a first date might be slightly overpowering, however it does give off some vibes that a woman might be interested in.
Research found that women associate a man dressed in red with power and having a strong social status. It also found that wearing red can actually boost the wearers own confidence which will be a good sign during a first date for women who are looking for a man with some self-assurance. A red shirt can also indicate good health and financial stability- two more things a woman may have on their checklist when looking for a new partner.
How does red rate against other colours on the attractiveness scale? It was found to be more attractive than blue or green. This perception was a global consensus – wherever a man goes in a red shirt they should expect to get a similar reception.
However, wearing the colour red did not give off any vibes of kindness or sociability – a man must rely on the power of conversation for this!

Confident in black-
Black used to be hidden away in the wardrobe only brought out for morbid occasions, but now it’s had a new lease of life and is worn by many fashionable individuals. Similar to red, black can be perceived as the colour of self-assurance – 56% of women said that it inspired confidence. Other comments included that the colour black made the wearer appear more intelligent and sexy – perfect for a first date!
Black is often the colour of choice for someone attending a formal event, too much black can be overpowering though so if you’re shopping with your other half encourage them not to pair a black shirt with a black jacket, pants and shoes too.

Classic white-
White came out as a favourite for women to see their partners in, it was perceived to be the least arrogant colour and instead gave off the impression that the wearer was full of optimism! A white shirt is a classic look for men when they are choosing an outfit for a formal event. However, during research it was the definitive white t-shirt and jeans combo that caught women’s eyes and was perceived to be the more attractive look for a man.

What to avoid?
There are some colours to avoid when shopping with your partner or choosing them a shirt. In many surveys revolving around the attractiveness of colour orange and brown consistently performed poorly. They often are perceived as quite boring, drab colours although a bright orange shirt could brighten up an outfit nicely on a summer’s day I suppose!
The colour pink didn’t go down well either, only 5% of people thought that intelligent people would wear this colour!

Additional tips-
Consider the following tips when purchasing a men’s shirt:
Many men look great in a colour that matches their eyes, if you have green eyes perhaps opt for a moss green shirt- a popular colour this season.
Avoid wearing dark colours if you have a light complexion as this can really draw your skin tone out and make you appear paler.
If you have dark hair opt for bright colours as these are likely to complement you more than a pastel tone.

What colours do you find most attractive on men? I can’t say I’ve ever paid all that much attention to the colours Bob chooses to wear- as long as he’s comfortable and relaxed I don’t give it a second thought!


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Seasonal Style: Getting It Right When Temperatures Tumble*

The nights are drawing in and it’s getting colder by the day. Leaves are falling from the trees and it’s no longer possible to just throw on a t-shirt and jeans. As we bid farewell to summer for another year it’s time to switch our attention to fall fashion. If you’re looking for seasonal style tips or your wardrobe needs a revamp then you’ve come to the right place.


Fall-proofing your summer staples
It’s not t-shirt weather anymore, but it’s also not quite time to dust down your winter coats. The key to getting it right when the seasons are changing is learning to layer and using statement pieces to liven up your fall basics. You don’t have to give up your favourite summer outfits just yet provided that you can find ways to make them weather-proof. Take the simple, chic cami dress you’ve lived in all summer- just because it’s cooler outside you don’t have to consign it to the back of the closet. Adding a long-sleeved t-shirt or polo neck jumper underneath, throwing an oversized shirt or a cardigan over the top and adding a pair of tights and some boots will give you a fresh new outfit that will keep the cold at bay and ensure you look fab. If you feel more comfortable in skirts or dresses than trousers you can discover casual day dresses for women online. There’s a huge amount of choice available, and it’s almost always possible to weatherproof your style. Pinafores and dungaree dresses are great for a casual look while simple shifts are ideal for work.


One of the best things about the arrival of cooler temperatures is the range of accessories that are available. Think hats, scarves, bags and shoes. Go for prints like animal or winter florals to tick off the latest trends or stick to block colours like burgundy, emerald green, mustard and red. You can turn even the most basic, simple outfit, such as a slouchy jumper, skinny jeans and a pair of biker boots into a chic get up by adding touches like a printed tote and a felt fedora. Swap summer sunglasses such as aviator styles for bulkier, heavier framed shades in black or tortoiseshell and replace caps and straw hats with a trilby or a bobble hat. When you’re looking at scarves go for thicker fabrics like wool and faux fur rather than silk, cotton and linen in the colder months.


Creating your capsule wardrobe
Creating a capsule wardrobe is a brilliant way of embracing new trends and looking great without breaking the bank. In fall, you want to look stylish, but you also need to make sure that you’re prepared for every eventuality when it comes to the weather. One day it could be mild and sunny, the next it could be pouring down with rain or blowing a gale. It’s always worth investing in some key pieces that tick off the principal trends for the season. This fall, it’s all about the color red, cozy textures like faux fur and shearling, eye-catching boots, plaid, and sporty touches. You don’t have to put outfits together that celebrate every trend. You can take elements of the looks you love and create ensembles that match your individual style and taste. Not every trend is going to float your boat. Once you’ve got staple items, such as cigarette pants, well-fitted jeans, polos, jumpers, and blouses, you can embrace the new season runway looks by adding accessories and investing in statement separates. Consider teaming a plaid pinafore dress with a plain blouse or putting a chic faux fur coat with a basic jumper and cigarette pants for a lunch date or pairing an LBD with some glittery ankle boots for an evening out.

Aveda Tibi Backstage Fall Winter 2017 Collections New York Fashion Week

The new season is upon us and what better excuse to sort through your closet and indulge in a little retail therapy? Every season there are new trends to try, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to look the part. Recycle your favourite summer looks by adding layers, work on a new capsule wardrobe and pick and choose from the statement styles everybody is talking about. Use accessories to brighten up basics and create unique looks, and focus on being comfortable as well as chic. You can mix and match staples with new pieces to make a whole host of looks that are suitable for both casual and smart occasions. Have a look through some fashion magazines and check out articles online to get ideas and don’t be afraid to celebrate your individual style and have fun.