Thanks for the Memories

Losing Flash was tough, we still see him everywhere in the house. We wanted, as a family, to do something to mark his passing and celebrate his life, so when Bonusprint got in touch asking if I’d like to review their photobook service, the timing couldn’t have been better.

Creating a photobook is so simple, you just upload the photos you want on to the website, select a theme and cover and let Bonusprint do the hard work!

For iPad users, a new app can be purchased from the iTunes store (£9.99) that allows you to create your book from anywhere…on a two week holiday? Upload your photos and your book could be waiting on your return!

My photography skills don’t do the quality of the book justice. It really has made such a wonderful tribute…

and with Christmas fast approaching, photobooks would make a wonderful gift for friends and family, sharing memories, nights out or (because I know a few of you are going to give birth imminently) new babies!

Have you ever made a photobook before? I hadn’t, but I will in the future, especially when you can create a book from a little as £10.99 and have it on your doorstep in around seven days.

HUGE thank you to Bonusprint for the perfect tribute to a much missed furry friend.


I had anticipated a longer break from blogging, but then I hadn’t factored being off work sick for two days, literally (occupational hazard).

I would like to express gratitude from myself and my family for the kind words about Flash. They are deeply appreciated. It’s so very odd, not having our little buddy around and it’s going to take some getting used to not having him always two steps behind us wanting a cuddle or causing some kind of havoc.

This is a casual outfit from earlier in the week (Tuesday?). The jumper is from TK Maxx, the jeans were pinched off Mum, the scarf was a Sunday purchase from Yumi who are recently back on my radar, and the boots are Irregular Choice via Sarenza.

It’s been an odd week, one I think we’d all rather forget. Hopefully I’ll be back at work tomorrow and some sense of normality will resume. I do wish someone would tell the patients to stay at home when they have a highly contagious vomiting bug, but you know…win some lose some, I’ve managed to crack on with some Christmas shopping at least (anyone else started?)


End of an Era

Today we had to make the tough decision to have Flash put to sleep.

We had known it was coming for some time now, that the time he had left with us was borrowed. But it still hurts. A lot.

I’m going to take a few days away from the blog. It might seem silly to anyone who has never owned a pet but Flash was so much more than “just a cat”.
R.I.P. Flash

when all else fails

…revert to childhood. Thanks Mum for indulging my serious Smurfs obsession

…stick on your favourite tee from your teenage years

…and snuggle with your fur-baby.

All in all, a pretty perfect laid back Saturday.



Weekends are for being indulgently lazy; reading a good book, cat naps, pottering about, watching crap TV, drinking far too much coffee and eating comfort food.

All those affected by Hurricane Irene, be safe.

UK’ers, I hope your planning to be extra lazy with the Bank Holiday