Life Lately (in Instagram form)

Once upon a time Instagram posts used to be a monthly thing on this blog. Then life happened, or I suppose didn’t happen and I felt there was nothing to share. I thought I’d kick off 2017 (Happy New Year by the way) by getting back in to the swing of these round-ups. I’m a nosey soul who loves to browse other blogger’s Insta-posts so why not get back in to sharing my own? Here’s a little selection of recent happenings…give me a follow to see the full story.
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Christmas Cheers with Cracker Drinks

Somehow it’s almost December, the month where even I ditch my anti-social tendencies and join in with the many festive get togethers. I do love a good party as much as the next person- any excuse to dress up and go wild, but at the same time I think nothing beats a more intimate get together at a friend’s place where you can really sit down and catch up on the year just gone (because somehow we only manage to meet up in December every year and I bet I’m not alone in this!)

I might not be hosting in my flat this year but I’m all for improving my hostess skills ready for next Christmas when I’m determined I will be so when The Cracker Drinks Co. sent over some of their no added sugar fruit drinks and some cocktail/mocktail recipes I was quick off of the mark to get practising.

The Cracker Drinks Co. are experts are creating delicious fruity drinks with no added sugar meaning that the range is naturally lower in calories, averaging around 30% less calories per 100ml than 100% orange juice or added sugar juice drinks. It remains high in fruit content offering the added benefit of 1 of your 5 a day. The range is completely natural and free from any artificial sweeteners, with just Stevia to add a little extra sweetness.

The drinks come in five flavours, of which I was sent the three you can see above. Perfect for drinking alone or using to spice up your Christmas cocktails (with a mocktail recipe thrown in for the non-drinkers out there).

Flowers n Spice

35ml St Germain Liqueur
15ml Vanilla vodka
100ml Still and Cloudy Lemonade
25ml Soda Water

Add all ingredients to an ice filled glass and briefly stir
Lemon wedge and twist

Light and Spicy

35ml Vanilla Vodka
100ml Mango & Passion Fruit
25ml Ginger Beer

Fill a glass with cubed ice then add all the ingredients, stir briefly then cap with crushed ice
Lime Wedge


Take 200ml Cracker Apple, Mint and Lime
Top up with a little sugar free soda water
Add some mint leaves and a squeeze of lime
Serve over ice
Garnish with mint and lime

All three of these drinks were so quick and easy to make, even if I did fail to remember to make up some ice cubes prior to making the drinks- fail! They were all delicious though, the Nojito was my favourite I think- the combination of flavours was just lovely and I’m a big fan of the alcoholic Mojito anyway…serve this up to any drivers/non-drinkers at a part and they’ll love you forever! It’s almost impossible to pick a favourite out of the two cocktails though- both were so different to each other and so unlike any drinks I’ve had before thanks to the unique combination of flavours in the mixers…both big hits with me and new staples on my party drinks menu (you know, if I held parties and had a drinks menu!)

Let me know what your favourite cocktails and mocktails are in the comments- I’d love to try them out, all in the name of research of course

I won’t lie, drinking these at 2pm was definitely a highlight of my especially dull and dreary day!


Juices provided by The Cracker Drinks Co. to create this post, all other ingredients came from me (hence the lack of ice!)

The Perfect Day for a wedding

I love a good wedding, and there is nothing more special than seeing one of your childhood friends walk down the wedding. On Saturday I attended the wedding of one of my oldest friends, and the second of my school friends to tie the knot (which at 27 makes me realise we are actually proper grown-ups now). It couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day for a wedding- hot and sunny, set in the most beautiful grounds of Priston Mill. The day was simply magical, filled with quirky touches that just screamed “Hazel and James”- who else could get away with a wedding that featured a canoe, a barn dance and a stunning cake made and decorated by the groom himself?
Hazel, I’ve known you since reception year at school and although we haven’t always seen eye to eye (not least because you just about reach my shoulder!) I now consider you one of my closest friends. We’ve grown closer as we’ve got older and matured (sort of) and I was honoured to be a guest at your wedding. You looked simply stunning as you walked down the aisle, we saw your girly side, (the one we all knew was lurking there somewhere) wearing your gorgeous dress, face glowing with happiness and love. I’m forever amazed at your constant energy, crazy barn dancing skills and the fact you managed to hold your drink for once! Congratulations my dear, I couldn’t be happier for you.
James, I may have only met you a handful of times but I don’t need to have spent hours with you to know you are the perfect match for Hazel. The way you look at her tells me just how much you care for her, that and how spotless the house is and how well catered for she is! You are one of the nicest guys I’ve met and I wish you guys the longest and happiest marriage there can possibly be.
Thank you for sharing your day with us all, it was magical. Thank you also for feeding us well, plying us with drink and for the genius idea of jars of sweeties on the table- so far Ben’s kept his paws off mine, but I’m not sure it’s going to last!


Golden Oldie

Dress; Vintage via ebay, Shoes; Georgia Rose c/o Sarenza.

Yesterday was supposed to be the hottest day of the year, well, the West Country didn’t get the memo as such…it was warm, but not hot by any means!
So far this has been the perfect chilled out weekend, spent with Best.Friend. yesterday indulging in some window retail therapy, and today I get to see other Best.Friend. Ellie for our new tradition “Scratch Card Sunday”. Our aim is to buy a £1 scratch card each week and pool any winnings towards next year’s trip to Spain…we started last week and already have £5 which will buy us Sardines on the beach!

I don’t want to go in to detail, but thank you to those of you on twitter and facebook for the recent messages of love and support.

Life is too short. Get out there and live. I certainly intend to.


More from Spain

5 Cents of amusement!

 The little beach at Torremuelle.

 Soft serve fro-yo in Malaga!

 Most amazing salad EVER (so good we went twice!) at Papas in Malaga

 View from the top of the Palacio Hotel in Malaga (we chilled for a good few hours up here, bliss!)

 Freshly cooked Sardines and Red Snapper in Torremolinos; eaten on the beach front.

 Once again on top of the Hotel

 View from our apartment at the Hotel Vista de Rey

 Flights of Nancy hand luggage!

 Coffee stop in Malaga!

I may not have the words to sum up our holiday, but I can dump a load of photos on you and let you work it out for yourselves!

The last photo, taken by Ellie was taken in Benalmadena and really sums up so much of what this holiday was about…for me, eating and enjoying ice cream, spur of the moment in full view of everyone marks a turning point. I have finally come to peace with a lot of my battles, have realised just how much the world has to offer and how I need and WANT to be healthy so I can do all the things I want to do but had previously written off. I have a genuine excitment for the future and I refuse to hold myself back.


((I promise that’s it for holiday photos now!))