The Hair Boss

I’m definitely guilty of being fickle when it comes to my hair care products and routine. I’m forever picking up new products to try and tame my long, thick hair, but often end up underwhelmed or don’t deem them worthy of the price tag when they aren’t on special offer. It takes quite a lot to impress me and make me want to part with my cash for a repurchase, and today we’re going to see whether The Hair Boss by Lisa Shepherd could convince me.
[Note these products were gifted for blog consideration].

As you can see, it’s a very attractive bunch of products, and they certainly look pretty in my bathroom!
The Hair Boss focuses on a 4-step hair regime and there are several ranges available for all different hair types; you can do a free consultation on the website to find out the perfect four product plan for you.

Because my hair is so thick I am prone to getting a product build up, sometimes leaving me with a flaky scalp, so the products of greatest interest to me were The Scalp Scrub (a pre-treatment) and The Scalp Soothing Tonic, part of the step 4 styling range.
Both of these products were an entirely new concept to me- the scalp scrub is great, it works as a pre-wash exfoliator that you use weekly to rid the scalp product, dirt and oil buildup. It feels a bit odd at first, putting something distinctly grainy on to your head, but you get used to it and the results are well worth it.
The Scalp Soothing Tonic is designed to soothe a dry and itchy scalp by cooling it and rebalancing the PH. I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in the flakiness I was getting since using this, alongside the scrub so both products are well worth the £7.99 price tag and I will at the very least be buying the scrub again when mine runs out.

I was sent the virgin hair shampoo which is designed mainly for natural hair (i.e. un-dyed or only lightly coloured). My hair is not natural but I still have a lot of love for this shampoo. The shampoo makes up Step 2 of the regime- cleanse. It took a while to get used to the runny formula, but once I did I actually found this easier to get through my thick hair and my hair honestly has never felt so clean! At £7.99 this is more than I would usually spend on a shampoo, but a little goes a long way and for the results I’m getting currently I would say it’s worth it.
The same goes for the conditioning lotion, this is such a hydrating formula that leaves my hair feeling oh-so-soft…something that not all conditioners manage to do. As promised on the packaging, it leaves no heavy residue and it rinses out really well. This costs £8.99 and I would most likely part with my money for this again as well.

Finally we have a few finishing touches. The Clear Shine Gloss is a permanent product that lasts for up to 6 washes and helps revitalise coloured hair and give it super shine. I’ve only used this once as it is a 20 minute treatment and I am not that patient most of the time, for that reason I wouldn’t spend £14.99 on this as I don’t feel I would get the use out of it, but the results are genuinely fantastic so for anyone less lazy I 100% recommend for some serious salon effect shine.
A product from the Step 4 style range that I will be buying again is the Permanent shine spray. At £12.99 it’s a lot more than I usually spend but I am in love with this product. It protects against humidity and frizz (both hair enemies of mine) as well as protecting from damage inflicted by styling. This is heat activated so I use it on damp hair before drying and straightening and I’ve been getting so many compliments on how healthy my hair is looking- and only since I started using this so it’s not pregnancy glow!

So there we have it, a range of hair products that has left me wanting more! I genuinely wasn’t expecting to love these so much when they arrived but I am totally smitten. You can buy The Hair Boss products from the website, and it is also stocked on ASOS and Superdrug. There are a few more products I would like to try out so if and when I do I’ll report back. I think after 34 years on this earth I might have finally found a hair care range I feel worthy of staying loyal to! And whilst more than I would usually spend it’s pretty mid-range in terms of prices so not out of the question to buy again and again either.

Fun Ways to Showcase Your Personal Style *

Photo by Alex Sheldon on Unsplash

Your personal style is your way of showing the world who you are. It’s the ultimate form of self expression, and when you feel like the outside reflects who you are on the inside it can really help you to feel happier in your own skin. Here are some fun ways to showcase your individual style…

Find clothing that expresses your style

One of the easiest ways to showcase your personal style is to find clothing items that make you feel like ‘you’ when you put them on. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the highstreet, check out niche or alternative shops for pieces. You could modify clothing items yourself if you’re handy with a sewing machine, or even check out charity shops for unusual vintage pieces. Do some research into different styles online and find something you like, not being afraid of course to switch things up to make it personal to you!

Try out different makeup looks

Makeup is a fantastic tool. You could add a little makeup just to accentuate your features, or you could go all out and try something bold and dramatic. What do you have to lose, if you don’t like it simply wash it off! Learn different techniques such as cut crease and smokey eyes and contouring. Experiment with different colours and generally just have fun with it. You don’t need to spend a fortune, there are plenty of great makeup brands at the drugstore– check out reviews before you buy if you’re unsure. Youtube is full of recommendations and tutorials for you to get your teeth into. 

Consider a piercing or tattoo

If you’re after something more permanent then how about a tattoo or a piercing? You’ll always want to consider this carefully, especially with tattoos as your style and tastes can change over time. However, if you have a design that you’ve wanted for years then why not take the plunge? Piercings are of course less permanent as you can take them out later on if you want to. From facial piercings to golden belly bars from your navel, even dermal implants, there’s a lot to consider. Always use a reputable tattooist and piercer, you’ll want to make sure you do your research. 

Visit the hairdresser

Finally, your hair can make such a huge impact on the way you look. Changing your hair colour can allow you to make a dramatic difference and really feel more like ‘you’. Maybe you’re a blonde but want to move over to the dark side, or perhaps you’re naturally raven haired but want to lighten it up. You might even feel like going a fun colour like pink, purple, blue or even a mixture for a trendy ‘unicorn hair’ look. 

Hair Secretz Diamond Brush

So Laura, how often do you brush your hair?

Shamefully it took moving house to realise I didn’t own a hairbrush, it’s that infrequent! I appear to be one of the lucky few who can get away without it. Partly because my hair is often curled, but when I do wear it straight it just doesn’t seem to knot and I don’t get the dreaded bed head.

Still, every so often I do feel the urge to smarten up my act and stop using my fingers to style my hair each morning so I was quite excited to be sent the prettiest hairbrush I’ve ever seen from UK brand Hair Secretz

Featuring a sparkling Swarvoski crystal, the diamond brush is ready and waiting to take pride of place on your dressing table, or in your handbag.

Ergonomically designed to fit in to the palm of your hand (for maximum control), it also features three different length bristles so ensure it glides through even the most tangled of tresses.

Another winning feature of this brush is that the bristles can be lifted to reveal a diamond shaped mirror, ideal for styling on the go. The pod created by this design is conveniently the perfect place to stash hair ties or grips meaning no more scrabbling around to find one at the last minute; in my case they have mostly been stolen and chewed beyond all recognition by Pablo so this is just perfect.

The brush comes in a choice of three colour combinations: red/black, white/pink or blue/pink and costs £12.99

I’m delighted to have such a winning product in my possession, it delivers on both style and substance and would also make for a lovely gift.

Available on the Hair Secretz website, which also offers free UK delivery on all orders!

Product sent to me free of charge for blog consideration, I was under no obligation to write this post and all opinions expressed are my own.

Xtava Twist Curling Wand review and giveaway

Over the last twelve months I’ve really got in to styling my hair, ever since I took the plunge and went for a new style and bold colour I’ve been determined to make more of an effort with it, both in taking care of it and in how I wear it. My army of tools is basic- a dryer, straightener and a curling wand. My current wand has definitely seen better days so I welcomed the chance to try out a new one as well as give one away to one of my readers.
This is the xtava twist curling wand* which costs a very reasonable £20 from Amazon. Call me a snob if you must but I do seem to have fallen in to the habit of spending a fortune on hair tools with the belief that they’ll somehow be better for my hair, or give greater effect so I was interested to see how a budget curling wand would perform.

This is the 1-1.5 inch conical wand, it’s thicker than the one I currently own and for me that’s a good thing. I prefer a looser curl over tight spirals and this gives me exactly that. In true Laura style I haven’t yet managed to photograph the results (watch this space!) but it gives a wave type curl (technical term) which I’m really enjoying for an every day laid back vibe.

In terms of quality I’m really happy. It uses ionic technology to keep frizz at bay and the barrel is coated in tourmaline and ceramic to help minimise heat damage to the hair. There are many temperature settings on this wand with a guide of what heat will suit your hair type best- the LCD display is a helpful feature too as you can keep track of how hot you’ve got it.

The look and feel of this curling wand would have you think it costs far more than it does- from the luxe packaging to the weight and feel of the tool itself- I’d definitely recommend this for anyone looking out for a new curler whether you are on a budget or not.

I also have one xtava curling wand to give away to one of my readers so you may get to try it out for yourself! Just follow the simple instructions below.

Win the xtava Twist Curling Wand #11

Let me know in the comments what your favourite hair styling tools are and if there are any you’d especially recommend.


Beauty- my first ever Glossybox

I think pretty much every blogger out there has heard of Glossybox. It was the first subscription box I was ever aware of and tempted by, yet for some reason I had never got around to it.
It would appear that August 2017 was a great month to finally get acquainted with Glossybox as I was pretty impressed with every product inside it. The box itself was pretty special too- a gorgeous pale blue and emblazoned with “girls just wanna have sun” (so very true, I’m so tired of grey skies and rain) which just added to the experience.

As with any kind of subscription box I think it’s pot luck each month as to the actual value of the products included. I haven’t done the maths on this one but I’m pretty certain it exceeds the price paid for the box- and to be honest, the box could be packed through of high value products that were frankly rubbish, just as much as it could contain cheaper items that make a big impact. Although this box was sent to me free of charge I can hand on heart say I would have happily paid for this one.

I was very excited to see Essence products included in the box having already given their my must haves palette a rave review. I love the pretty packaging on this one and the shades included just so happen to be right up my street- for me this was the star product of the August Glossybox and it’s been in near constant use since.
Other highlights included the suede lips pencils from Rodial- again the shade is right up my street and this gives an amazing, soft looking matte lip that lasts.
I’m also a big fan of the safari sun bronzer from model launcher cosmetics. Obviously bronzer is a pretty essential summer product for many and this one is up there with the best I’ve tried in terms of being a good suits everyone shade, and it has a great texture.I’m yet to try the hair Replacement care products– I’m intrigued by the 2in1 shampoo and conditioner from Batiste, it’s designed to shampoo the roots and condition the lengths which sounds perfect for my thick and often unruly hair. I’ll be packing this for my holiday next month as a week in a caravan in the Highlands means dry shampoo is going to be 100% necessary.

Probably the most intriguing product in the box is the ice hair mask from Total Repair- this apparently has a cooling effect which powers up the macadamia oil it contains making even more efficient at hydrating the hair. My hair is in dire need of a cut and colour, it’s long overdue which also means the ends are somewhat fried right now…I’ll be giving this a try next time I was it and will report back if anyone is interested…

Anyone here a Glossybox subscriber? After the success of my first ever box I am sorely tempted to sign up and make it a more regular thing but I do worry that it won’t consistently live up to the hype, I’d love to hear other people’s experiences in the comments.


Glossybox sent me this box for blog consideration, I was under no obligation to post and all opinions are my own.