[Insta]life lately

Well, I’m kind of getting there with making these posts a regular thing again, not that I live an especially exciting life or anything that would explain my desire to share. I can only put it down to being a nosy person myself and some of my favourite posts to read are people’s instagram round-ups. For the full idea of what I get up to you can give me a follow and if you want to know more about any of these pictures just leave a comment below [click on the images to see full size and hover over them for a caption].
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Life on Instagram

Woo yeah, I’m on a roll with my instagram round-ups now it would seem (because I am sure everyone is just soooo excited by this news!) Here are some of the most recent happenings in my life lately as told through my iPhone- for the bigger picture of my daily doings you can give me a follow over on instagram. I’m always on the look out for new folks to follow so let either leave me a comment below with your username and I’ll get stalking…
As you can see I’m still living an extremely wild life whilst off from work. Most days it is just Mae and I for hours on end whilst everyone else is busy living their normal lives and it does get pretty lonely. I’m currently working my backside off to enable myself to get back to work ASAP. I’m cross with myself for not putting a real shift in sooner and that frustration is what’s powering me through the tough days, of which there are plenty right now.

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Life Lately (in Instagram form)

Once upon a time Instagram posts used to be a monthly thing on this blog. Then life happened, or I suppose didn’t happen and I felt there was nothing to share. I thought I’d kick off 2017 (Happy New Year by the way) by getting back in to the swing of these round-ups. I’m a nosey soul who loves to browse other blogger’s Insta-posts so why not get back in to sharing my own? Here’s a little selection of recent happenings…give me a follow to see the full story.
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For me one of the greatest rewards from blogging is being able to use my little piece of the internet to get behind charities and causes that I think are really worthwhile. Today my post is all about a campaign that Tesco is running to support Fareshare and the Trussell Trust called #hatwithaheart.

Tesco aims to donate at least £200,000 to food bank charities by donating £1 from all of their novelty hat sales (of which you’ll find plenty for men, women and children so there’s no excuse not to get involved!)

I’m all for a bit of novelty headwear so when Tesco asked if I’d be prepared to snap a couple of selfies to help raise awareness I didn’t hesitate. And it’s not just the hats I’m in it for. I genuinely think that what Fareshare and the Trussell Trust do is vital in helping to break the cycle of poverty. It’s ok for me, I’m sat here writing this in the warm and dry with a kitchen full of food downstairs- not everyone has these basic needs met and for people in crisis the 3 days of emergency food that the food banks provide can be the difference that keeps them going.

You can see more of my selfies over on Instagram where you can also join in yourself by posing in your novelty knit using the hashtag #hatwithaheart

For anyone who isn’t aware then Fareshare is an organisation that focuses on rescuing good food that would otherwise go to waste and distributing it to charities such as women’s refuges, homeless shelters and children’s breakfast clubs. Trussell Trust has a network of over 400 food banks across the UK who aim to stop hunger by providing a minimum of three days of emergency food to people in crisis who have been referred by front-line professional agencies such as children’s centres, housing associations, GPs or Citizens Advice.

I really hope I’ve done a good enough job of convincing you that this is a cause worth getting behind. You can purchase your novelty hat in Tesco stores or online (and whilst I was sent my hats for the purpose of this post you can rest assured that I’m going to be placing an order for the Christmas Pudding Beanie ASAP!)


(Insta)life lately; June Edition

I appear to have collected a few more photos this month than the previous three months combined! Clearly being signed off sick has given me too much time on my hands to snap the mundane moments and in typical Laura style most of the photos turn out to be of the cats. If you want to see more of what I get up to then do give me a follow on Instagram. I’ll be sure to follow back as I do love giving myself a serious case of life envy!
As ever can hover over the photos to see the captions and click to see them bigger. What have you been up to lately? Link me to your round-ups and leave your Instagram links below.