Forget-Me-Not with Silver Bubble

My love of jewellery is well documented on this blog and I try to support small business sellers and buy handmade wherever possible. One of my favourite things about my blogging journey is having found so many new and talented shops and craftspeople and I always welcome new additions to my magpie radar.

I was recently contacted by Silver Bubble, a handmade silver jewellery company based on a narrowboat on the Oxford Canal in Warwickshire. All of their handmade, silver jewellery comes from Taxco in Mexico where it is bought directly from small, family businesses and independent designers and every piece is handpicked by the Silver Bubble team to ensure high quality and unique designs.

The folks at Silver Bubble kindly let me pick out a piece so I could attest for the quality and craftsmanship myself- I opted for the heart shaped forget-me-not pendant* which costs a very reasonable £12 (although not e you will need to purchase a chain separately).

The pendant arrived beautifully packaged and it is absolutely stunning. Forget-me-nots are one of my favourite flowers and to have them encapsulated in to a striking piece of jewellery is a really nice touch. This is a delicate piece that really is made of the highest quality and it’s just the thing to liven up outfits as the Spring weather ebbs and flows.

If you’re looking to add to your jewellery collection or purchase a special gift then I really do recommend checking out Silver Bubble- it’s not just pendants that are on sale, there are some rather amazing silver rings that I’m bulk adding to my wish list as well as bangles, earrings and well, just about everything really!

Have you made any new shop discoveries lately? What flower would you most like in necklace form?


[Insta]life lately

Well, I’m kind of getting there with making these posts a regular thing again, not that I live an especially exciting life or anything that would explain my desire to share. I can only put it down to being a nosy person myself and some of my favourite posts to read are people’s instagram round-ups. For the full idea of what I get up to you can give me a follow and if you want to know more about any of these pictures just leave a comment below [click on the images to see full size and hover over them for a caption].
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Until The Last Petal Falls

I’m not usually one to get excited about an up-coming film release but ever since I first caught wind of the Disney live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast (even the trailer gives me goosebumps) I’ve been counting down the days until it’s release.

Everyone has a favourite Disney film and for me it has always been Beauty and the Beast the story, the characters and the songs- I just love it all. Combine that with my love of jewellery and keen magpie eye I was very excited to hear that Disney Couture were bringing out a range of jewellery to coincide with the film release and immediately added every single item to my wish list.

I’ve been very fortunate during my time blogging to build up a great working relationship with certain brands, one of those being who very kindly sent me this absolutely stunning necklace from the collection*. The enchanted rose is a key component to the film and capturing it in jewellery form is frankly genius. I’m absolutely smitten with this necklace- the detailing is impeccable and it is as much a keepsake as it is a piece you can wear. A few other pieces from the collection might make it on to my birthday list (Mrs Potts earrings anyone?) but this necklace will forever hold a very special place in both my heart and my jewellery collection.

Are you excited for the live-action remake? What is your all time favourite Disney movie?

I’ll leave you with this ear-worm to end your week on…


Quick guide on how to value and sell your Jewellery*

If, like me you could really do with raising some extra cash after the expense of Christmas and the festive season then read on for some top advice on how to get any spare jewellery valued and sold- it needn’t be difficult and is an excellent way to turn your clutter in to cash!
If your interested in selling your jewellery at auction your first step on the road to selling it is to have it valued. Your local auction house will be more than happy to help you value your items but you’ll probably be expected to sell your item with them after the valuation and most auctions take a 25% cut of the sale price as their commission (auctions in Belfast and other major cities may vary). If you have absolutely no idea what your jewellery is worth it might be best for you to have a go at valuing it yourself before you to take it to an expert; that way you’ll be able to get a rough idea of what your piece is worth and won’t have to worry about paying out to be told it’s worthless or getting ripped off.

Many pieces that are sold today are made of gold; if you are selling gold you need to identify the karat and the weight. Gold has a high value and is easily converted into money making its value is fairly easy to determine.

Your first job is to identify the quality of your piece. All pieces of jewellery are hallmarked – however, depending on the age of your piece the Hallmark may have faded or be difficult to read. Not all Hallmarks are good Hallmarks though; some Hallmarks signify that the piece is not real gold but many buyers assume that a Hallmark indicates quality and buy the piece anyway, costing them when they come to sell. Rolled gold and plated gold pieces for example are typically hallmarked but the pieces are not true gold; GP typically indicates that the piece has been plated with gold and the number 900 suggests the piece is made out of silver and has been plated.

Next you need to work out what the karat of your gold is. Your piece may be marked with a ‘k’ sign, a ‘ct’ sign or a 3 digit number – each one tells you something about the karat of the gold. The three digit number simply refers to the quality of the piece in parts per 1000. For example 9 karat gold is 9 parts of 24 gold, or 375 pieces out of 1000- equal to 37.5% gold.

The value of your gold does not depend on its colour but on its weight- inexperienced sellers or owners of jewellery often consider rose gold to be less expensive and white gold to be more expensive than yellow gold but this isn’t the case.

It’s worth noting that other factors not related to weight and quality can affect a piece’s value too. If the piece is an antique then it will likely fetch more than a modern piece of the same karat when it’s sold.

Ultimately though you will have to have your piece valued by a professional as well to identify the true value of your it and decide if and how you want to sell it. You have the choice of selling directly to a jeweller, to a bullion dealer or at an auction. A bullion dealer will give you a very accurate price for your gold but they won’t consider its history; a jeweller will probably give you the lowest amount. Given the current demand for gold pieces selling at auction is probably your best bet (even with the commission you’ll have to pay for the valuation especially if you have a piece that has historic or collectible value.

Let me know if you’ve ever sold a piece of jewellery and if you have any hints or tips in the comments below.


When Jeans met Dress

It’s a long time since I last wore jeans and a dress together. The combination reminds me a bit of when trouser skirts were a thing (hello year 9 school uniform) anything similar since. I was browsing on the Monki website the other day- as I frequently do and happened across my last Christmas money purchase styled over a pair of skinny jeans and loved how it looked so I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a go myself.

Dress: Monki (some sizes still in stock) | Jeans: New Look ((this style)) | Boots: Sarenza | Necklace: Hello Harriet

It’s not often I remember to take a photo of my jewellery, or actually remember to put any on for that matter but this necklace from Hello Harriet is totally worth sharing. I featured Harriet’s shop on the blog in the run up to Christmas and santa must have been reading because on Christmas day I found this necklace hiding in my stocking. It pretty much sums up how I feel about certain things right now but mostly I just love jewellery/clothing/anything with a touch of sarcasm and attitude. I so badly want to get Mae a matching collar tag, but her track record at keeping hold of a collar and it’s tags is poor to say the least and I can’t bear the idea of getting her one of these only for it to turn up squished out of all recognition in a nearby road like the last one did!

Oh, and this dress was a complete bargain by the way- £8! The Monki sale remains my favourite as I picked up so much for so little. New season stock is arriving fast and my wish list is at least as tall as I am…I just loved their oversized pieces and minimal aesthetic. I think it’s probably the one shop that completely sums up my current style and as soon as I’m back at work I’m planning a “well done” spree for getting to my goal.

Which shops sum up your style right now? Did anyone else fall victim to the trouser skirt? (Or am I completely showing my age here?!)