Wolford at UK Lingerie

When I think of the brand Wolford my mind instantly wanders to tights- after all, that’s what the brand are most renowned for and until I was given the opportunity to work with UK Lingerie on a post I had no idea that they made anything else.

Turns out it’s not all about the tights after all, Wolford also make a range of shape-wear, bodies, layering essentials and lingerie. I was given the chance to try out a couple of pieces from the range and I was curious if they could do underwear even half as well as they do hosiery.

I find bras really hard to shop for, during the times I’ve been unwell my chest has been non-existant and I’ve lived in lace triangle bras and crop tops. Now I’ve developed some curves again and it’s novel- I have no idea where to begin with shopping for comfortable bras and my underwear selection is incredibly limited. Could the £90 Wolford sheer touch push up bra* be the answer to my problems? In a word, yes!

I had to hazard a guess as to my size but thankfully got it spot on. I was still dubious about whether I’d find a “real” bra comfortable, or if any bra is worth almost £100. Well, I’ve been enlightened! This is the best fitting bra I have ever owned and it makes my [still lacking] boobs look amazing. It forms a smooth and sleek line under clothing and is supportive without being constrictive. The pads in this bra are removable- but for me they are staying! It also comes with a selection of strap options which certainly makes this bra earn it’s price tag. It’s a great all rounder and I’m hoping that if I come across a white and nude version I’m in the position to buy them both.

The second item I picked out was the Wolford Pure Pullover* which costs £80. This is a seam free, long sleeved top that fits like a dream. Pinafore dresses are a work wear staple for me and I struggle to find streamlined tops to go under them- this one is the perfect length and so unbelievably soft. It’s pricey, more than I could afford to spend on a top if I’m honest but it feels so luxurious and warm when worn- it also washes well, and should I ever be in a position where I have a much higher clothing budget I’d certainly be looking to Wolford for my layering staples.

I also thought it worth a mention- with Party Season around the corner, that the UK Lingerie blog have put together a handy Spanx shape-wear guide to help you get your killer dress looking the best it possibly can. One of the biggest reasons I don’t buy body-con dresses is that it’s so hard to get a smooth finish and I hate spending a night conscious of lumps and bumps. Definitely worth a read if you struggle with the same issues.

What are some of your favourite brands for Lingerie? And where would you recommend to get a proper fitting done?


With Panache

I’m really late with this post, as it was originally meant to be tied in with Wimbledon. I don’t know what’s going on lately but time is just slipping by and I’m not doing a great job of keeping up with it. Nevertheless, I can still rave about something awesome, because there’s no deadline on that- and today I am going to be waxing lyrical about a sports bra…oh yes.

Cumbersome as it may look, this is a nifty little set of sporting underwear, for I actually have a need in my life for such a thing these days. I was actually on the mission for a decent set when Panache got in touch and offered me the set you can see above. It’s not only a best seller, but an award winner too and can banish an impressive 83% of breast bounce during exercise. I can’t attest to how true that is as I don’t have the bounciest of boobs but I can see it working as this bra is supportive. Supportive and comfortable, which is kind of essential when you’re riding a bike or running on a treadmill (not that I do the latter). I barely knew I was wearing this but at the same time it feels reassuringly secure. It’s available in cup sizes B through to H and fits true to size, the pants are incredibly comfortable too…get over how they look, who wants to exercise in a g-string?
I’m really enjoying a healthier and more active lifestyle and this bra came along at just the right time. I’m pretty sure it’ll be getting more of a work out than I do in coming months, and taking a look at other styles by Panache too, I think this is the brand I’ll be sticking to when it comes to my sport support.
Got any puns for me? Panache sent a Wimbledon themed press release out stating “ensure balls are the only thing that bounce”
Sorry for the not very pretty, solo photo. How do you get around lingerie posts? I admire bloggers brave enough to post themselves modelling a piece, I’m just not that brave right now…maybe after a few more months exercising!


Daisy Chain Dreaming: Rosie for Autograph Spring Collection

Currently dreaming of owning all of M&S’ Rosie for Autograph Collection- I wouldn’t say no to looking like Rosie, either.
This January sees the launch of the new Rosie for Autograph Spring collection. Rosie draws inspiration from her extensive collection of vintage lingerie and uses the most luxurious of fabrics to create pieces that exude feminine glamour and feel exquisite to wear. Working together in collaboration with Soozie Jenkinson, Head of Design for lingerie at M&S, Rosie’s presents a collection which can not only be worn everyday for a piece of affordable luxury, but will make a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day.


Rosie’s signature silk pad bra, kimono wrap and chemise set have all been reworked in gorgeous new colours and prints. The hand-painted floral design was inspired by original Art Nouveau rose motifs.

Bra: £22.50/Knicker: £12.50

Bra: £22.50/Knicker £12.50

Bra: £22.50

Rose Print Chemise: £35/French Knicker: £17.50

Long Chiffon Wrap: £59

Teddy: £45

Rosie says, “As this collection is launching so close to Valentine’s Day, it was more important than ever to make sure that all the new colours complemented all skintones. We decided upon a gorgeous palette of blush pinks and warm neutrals which every women will love to wear.” 

New nightwear pieces will also launch for Spring – the flirty babydoll, the delicate silk nightdress with a glamorous floor-sweeping hemline and intricate lace trim and the chiffon wrap, the perfect boudoir style cover-up for bedroom.

Soozie Jenkinson, Head of Lingerie Design at M&S says,

”Rosie and I put softness and romance at the very top of our creative agenda for this collection. Lingerie is a beautifully personal, intimate gift and so every attention to detail was designed with femininity in mind, using the finest fabrics such as sumptuous silks and French designed rose lace.”


Not just the perfect gift for a loved one, treat yourself to a bit of luxury this Valentine’s Day with Rosie for Autograph. The collection is available in store now and online at marksandspencer.com/rosie

Sorry for such a “lazy” blog post, it’s rare that I want to post a press release word for word, but Rosie and M&S say it better than I could…all I have to add is that I’ll take it, ALL.

Thoughts? Will you be dropping hints for Valentines day?

Lovable Lingerie

It’s time to be seduced by Italy’s number-one lingerie brand, Lovable this

summer with its glamorous and sexy new range soon to the sold in the UK for the first time. Hitting rails exclusively at selected John Lewis stores from August, the chic new range offers British women a taste of Italian style, contemporary design and quality at an affordable price.

Whether you’re looking for an iconic vintage look, a sexy balconette or feather light lingerie, there’s something in the range to speak to the Italian woman in you with these fabulously feminine new designs.

I’m a sucker for pretty lingerie despite my lack of bust and this range is just gorgeous! Looking at the John Lewis website, prices are around £15 for pants and £32 for a bra which doesn’t seem bad to me!

My favourite set is the Vintage Couture one, picture above…classic, sleek and sophistacted. What’s not to love?

Lovable by name and nature.


Another Kind of Bra Fairy

So, the other day I posted about my visit from a Bra Fairy…and now I’m posting about how you can BE a Bra Fairy by supporting luxury lingerie retailer Rigby & Peller with their bra recycling scheme.

Rigby & Peller is calling on women across the UK to recycle their old bras in support of Breast Cancer Care. From 4th to 31st October for every bra that you recycle you receive £10 off per bra that you purchase from the extensive range including the stunning new Autumn / Winter 2011 collection and mastectomy range.

With a donation of £1 for every 10 recycled bras going to Breast Cancer Care, the scheme is one that is close to founder, Mrs. June Kenton’s heart as a fellow breast cancer survivor. It was this experience that inspired Rigby & Peller’s development of a dedicated range with aspecialised fitting service for mastectomy sufferers and prosthesis.

Mrs. June Kenton, comments: “This is our fourteenth year supporting Breast Cancer Care as a cause that is very dear to me personally and many other women across the UK. We hope that this initiative helps to raise awareness and funds for the cause whilst highlighting the sensitivities around body confidence that sufferers often feel. At Rigby & Peller we understand these sensitivities and pride ourselves on an unparalleled fitting service by highly experienced fitters, whether you are one of the 80% of British women wearing the wrong bra size or a mastectomy sufferer.”

To help support Breast Cancer Care, visit one of the seven Rigby & Peller stores with your old bras to receive £10 towards any new bra purchase. Visit http://www.rigbyandpeller.com/ for more information and store locations.

Sadly I don’t live near to a store and won’t be able to participate, but if you do I urge you to show your support.