Look Book Love- Autumn at River Island

As much as I’m mourning the loss of Summer, which always seems to be over before it truly begins I will admit to more than a little excitement about all of the new Autumn collections arriving on the high street at the moment. This year seems to be a year where the designers have upped their game as I’ve been SO impressed with so many stores- usually only one or two grab my attention. One shop that’s really amazed me is River Island, a store I used to frequent regularly and then kind of avoided as the designs were no longer my style. I consider myself re-converted after seeing what’s new on the rails right now- think rich colours, modern silhouettes and texture galore…I want it all!
This is just a very small selection of what’s to come from River Island. Some of the pieces are already available to buy online and in store (you can see a preview here). I’m seeing some serious potential updates to my working wardrobe springing up and I have my eye on this beauty of a maxi dress for when we hit party season!
Have any of the pieces captured your heart? Which high street stores are really impressing you right now?



THE WHITEPEPPER has quite quickly become a firm blogger favourite, myself included and I’m not usually one to become obsessed with an entire range from just one brand. Last week saw the release of their Spring14 lookbook and I once again fell head over heels. I only own one piece from THE WHITEPEPPER so far but my wishlist is miles long. Just check out both the brilliant designs and the gorgeous imagery.
I hadn’t intended on sharing pretty much every image from the lookbook (I’ve kept them small but you can click and enlarge) but I really couldn’t narrow down. Unusually for me I couldn’t even pick a singluar favourite piece, there’s nothing I dislike. In a dream world I’d own the pink floral two piece and ALL of the dresses (no one cuts dresses like THE WHITEPEPPER)
I seriously need to get back to work and back earning so I can add to my collection.
Do you own any of their pieces? Which brands do you find yourself becoming obsessed with?
the end

Lookbook Love: British Heritage at Jigsaw

I’ve said before that it’s not often you’ll find me doing a lookbook post on the blog. It really takes something to make me want to share it and I can’t quite explain what it is about the AW collection from Jigsaw that’s done it.
Perhaps it’s their ever increasing devotion to British Heritage and their use of rich and timeless tweed and wool fabrics…or maybe it’s the pure Englishness of the wild countryside shots. Either way I’ll shut up and let the pictures do the talking.

I want the fox!

What do you think?
Bonus points if you can name the male model!

P.S. Massive congratulations to Courtney who won the LA Jewellery giveaway,
stay tuned for another exciting giveaway soon and don’t forget you can win with Always Infinity here.

Look Book Love- Damart

It’s not often you’ll find me straight up featuring a look book on the blog but the latest offering from Damart- probably most famous for it’s thermals needed a mention.
I don’t even really know what to say about their latest arrivals, so far removed from my preconceptions I was genuinely shocked when this look book dropped through my door.
I guess it proves that old saying wrong. You can (sometimes) judge a book by it’s cover. And Damart’s cover is damn fine.

Spring/Summer at Republic

Another day, another look book, this time from the folks at Republic, a shop I mistakenly brushed off as specialists in tracksuits and hoodies and not much more.

I guess it’s once again time for me to eat my words as these images above have no sportswear insight and instead kick start some lusting for brightly colour denim and all things ditsy and floral. I don’t know what has happened to me, actually. Little miss jeans hater is now wanting to fill her wardrobe with everything from skinnies to flares, and a recent shopping trip and venture in to a Republic store told me that these pictures are just the beginning…one to watch, for sure!

Has anywhere exceeded your expectations this season?