Fashion your Fringe with New Look

My love of new season fashion doesn’t limit itself to just the clothes, oh no. With a plethora of stunning shoes and accessories hitting the high street I’m in accessory heaven so it was with great pleasure that I teamed up with New Look to bring you today’s post.
They sent me over a fringed detail bag from their new collection, fringing was huge news for the Spring/Summer season and doesn’t look set to be going anywhere as we move in to Autumn/Winter so I thought it was about time I get it a go. I’ve not really entered in to the realm of dangling detail before now, I suppose I thought it was limited in it’s versatility and wouldn’t go with an awful lot but I was willing to be proved wrong which is just as well as I’m really in love with my brown patchwork fringed bag.
The first look I went for was a sort of late-summer festival vibe featuring this gorgeously ethereal dress from Valour & Valkyrie and my trusty Primark sandals. This bag would be the perfect festival companion as it holds SO MUCH STUFF- I’m the kind of girl who carries her whole life around with her so a roomy bag is a must! It also goes across the body which is great when you want to keep your hands free for beer/dancing.
I then thought I’d pop together a typical weekend look, honestly I’m living in this kind of thing when I’m not photographing stuff for the blog. The suede mini skirt is going to be a staple for the cooler months and a simple cream top and denim shirt keep things low-key. I really like how the varying shades of brown in the bag complement this outfit and it’s ideal for some Saturday shopping therapy whilst the football is on (because yes, I am once again a football widow).
Last but not least is a transitional outfit for the move from Summer dresses to Winter layers. I picked up this dress in Joy last year and I’m pleased to see it fits in well with the trends a year on too. I loved the combination of mustard yellow and the brown tones of the bag but couldn’t resist adding a bit more colour with my velvet Bertie boots- I remember the look of bemusement on the woman’s face when I hobbled up to the checkout on crutches to buy these babies!
So what have I learnt? Mostly that fringe details are surprisingly versatile and this is my must-have accessory for the coming months. I’ve also learnt that I am still as clumsy as ever and keeping getting my tassels stuck in doors. Some things never change!

How would you style up this bag?


Who Wore It?

Each year there are outfits from awards season, tours, movies and every day life that stick in our minds. Dresses seem to be one of the most memorable of these and over the years there have been some real highs, and lows in the world of celebrity fashion. The folks at New Look have come up with a brilliant (and challenging) quiz to test your frock knowledge- can you match these dresses with their Celebrity wearer?

New Look is always one of my go-to shops when I’m looking for an outfit for any occasion and right now they have some exceptionally lovely pieces that are perfect for Prom, a Summer Wedding or a day at the races. I have at least one special occasion on the horizon this coming Summer and *hopefully* I won’t be making it on to any “who wore it?” lists for the wrong reasons!
Leave your quiz scores below, it’s not as easy as I thought it would be, I can’t get past 14!


Monochrome Midi

I do love a good midi skirt and the second I saw the perfect one appear in the new arrivals at New Look I wasted no time in making it mine (shopping ban, what shopping ban?). I’ve been wearing it non-stop for work as I do find the midi length better for the office- no knicker flashing for me thanks very much! It’s not as structured as some of the midi skirts on the market which makes it perfect for twirling in…I do hope New Look release more colours in this style!

Skirt: New Look (here) | Ribbed Top: New Look (here) | Shoes: Stylist Pick

Just as I thought it had been a while since Mae invaded my outfit photos along she trotted, 100% unwilling as ever to pose with me preferring to do entirely her own thing.

My wardrobe has been lacking in staples and basics for quite some time so when I spied this ribbed top for a mere £8.99 it was another no-brainer purchase (again, what spending ban?) and I hope that as budget allows I can pick up some more in other colours as they are the perfect length and fit for wearing to work.

This year I’m definitely determined to embrace a more minimal approach to clothes shopping, attempts at saving aside I really could do with less fancy patterned pieces and more of the staples that can be worn with a variety of separates. Where do you shop when it comes to getting basics? It’s been so long since I properly browsed for them I have no idea where to begin. I’ve had a mass wardrobe cull and I’m listing bits and pieces on it’d be good to spend some of the proceeds on stocking up on the essentials.


Cutting Edge

Top: C&A
Dress: Primark at ASOS
Boots: New Look (Similar Here)
I bought this dress way back in June when the weather was finally starting to show signs of being decent. When it arrived I fell in love with the pattern and so, in typical Laura fashion I refused to send it back despite it being too big and the cut-outs gaping.
Finally, three months later and I’m wearing it. A combination of weight gain and layering has actually turned a Summer dress in to something quite trans-seasonal. Time to get my moneys worth at last!
I’ve pretty much lived in my New Look cut out boots this month. They don’t seem to have the same ones online any more but there are so many other gorgeous pairs I’m sure you’ll be tempted to have a look anyway! When it comes to Boots this season New Look pretty much have the best selection I’ve seen for those of us shopping on a budget. Oh New Look how I love thee!
Well, weekend time eh? Anyone got exciting plans? I’m working a flu clinic this morning- hundreds of folk lining up to be jabbed, it’s going to be carnage!
Still, I can relax after and I have the Boy coming over to chill out with me. A low-key weekend is exactly what I need after a manic week,
there’s plenty more weekends for adventures!

Oh Deer

On my last foray in to the outside world I couldn’t resist having a little spend on some pick me up treats. I am meant to be on a shoe ban but these Lace up Brogue Creepers were only £19.99 in New Look and are really comfortable and supportive of my foot for when I am allowed to weight bear on it again! Medicinal shoes, that’s all the excuse I needed!

I wore them on Sunday despite being practically housebound with my trusty Oasis jeans and this Cute Deer Top from Asda which was a present from my Mum. Whilst in Asda I also picked up this bargainous Pink Coat which cost all of £19.99 and is both well fitting and well made. Well done Asda, well done!

Day three of being housebound awaits. I have a list of things I can do sitting down, but none of the appeal. What I want is fresh air and to be in work (yes, really!) but alas…it’s time I put myself first and actually let the foot heal.

What do you do when your stuck inside? And what have you been buying lately?