Beauty Brilliance- Oriflame Eyebrow Kit

Since I’ve been on sick leave I’ve really got back in to doing my makeup and trying new beauty products. I was recently sent this Eyebrow kit by one of my favourite beauty brands, Oriflame. I’m yet to find a product that’s dissapointed me so I had high hopes for this one!
The kit is dinky and discreet containing everything you need for perfectly groomed brows. You get two brow shadows and a setting wax as well as two dinky little brushes and a mirror, all for £7.95. Bargain.
I have quite full brows that have a tendency to be a bit unruly and sparse in places. I found the dinky brushes a bit awkward so used a bigger brow brush (I use one by Real Techniques) to fill in the gaps and create a more defined shape. I actually used my fingers to apply the wax which held the shape perfectly without smudging the added colour. The overall effect was subtle, which I loved. I just looked that bit more finished and groomed- an effect I always aspire to but never quite achieve. 

Yes, I do look awfully tired.
So in short, yet another winner from Oriflame. If you’re yet to check the brand out then I suggest you do so with haste.
What products do you swear by for that finished look?