Co-ordination Is Key

I’ve had the outfit in this post saved in my wardobe, waiting impatiently for it to become cool enough to wear to work, and given that the temperatures are now dropping by the day I’d say it’s finally time (ok, so it was probably time way before now if we go by outside temperatures, but my work place has it’s own micro climate at times!).

Co-ord: Primark (skirt and top) | Tights: Primark | Boots: Jonak at Sarenza

I think it was July/August time when I first spotted this co-ord set in Primark and decided I needed it. I can’t remember exactly but I think it was £20 for the two pieces, both of which work really well on their own with a plain top or bottom added so you got real value for money. Unusually for a Primark piece this is really well made and fits like a dream, I hope they bring out similar styles in the future as it makes for such an easy work outfit with mix and match options too.
I’m not sure if these boots will see me through the entire winter. I own so many pairs of ankle boots but these are the ones I keep returning too and they are starting to look a little worse for wear. I should probably force myself to wear some of my others to give my feet a break, but these are just so comfortable and go with everything…I’d never heard of Jonak before getting these, and I’ve just checked out some of their latest styles- these are now calling my name- but with plans to move in the new year as serious spending ban must start, and shoes are the first thing to stop buying!
Are you a fan of the office co-ord? I’m thinking a trouser suit may be a good way to go- after my spending ban ends, of course!


Sarenza Sunday #2: Shoe Style

So it’s a well known fact that I am a huge fan of Sarenza so it was no big surprise to myself that I found inspiration for a test for Riddle whilst browsing their new arrivals for the Spring/Summer season. The result of that browsing is below, take my little test to find out which Summer Shoe trend you should be rocking…

[postriddle data_game=”//” data_width=”100%” data_height=”auto”]

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Sarenza Sunday- Hey Sailor!

I might not have a Summer holiday booked (yet!) but that hasn’t stopped me from compiling a dream holiday wardrobe- and of course that involves a hefty dose of window shoe shopping, mostly on Sarenza. Last year in Spain I lived in flip flops as I couldn’t really find any sandals comfy enough for trekking around towns all day, I wish I had seen these shoes then, they would have been the perfect compromise. Should I book some late Summer sun then these will just have to be purchased (and at £22 why not?!)
I think the Reira by Refresh is the perfect addition to any suitcase- lightweight and versatile. These will look gorgeous with everything from a pair of short shorts for day to a little strappy dress for a laid back evening look. Available in five striped colour ways these have the perfect “by the sea” nautical vibe…and at £22 a pair I’m finding it hard to pick just one, at that price I’m sure I could easily justify both the navy AND the red, right?
What’s your Summer holiday staple shoe? I’m faithful to my Havianas for the most part but these are so much cuter and probably a whole lot more practical (no cutting feet on stones in the road for starters…)


Sarenza Sunday: Peace & Love

Far be it from me to detract your attention away from Sarenza’s incredible array of shoes, but as I have mentioned once or twice (or a billion) times before they also do a rather fabulous selection of handbags too. Despite now owning the bag of my dreams in my Mulberry Bayswater I still find my attentions wandering a little bit, especially when beauties like the one I’m about to show you come along…
Hello Peace & Love Bowling Bag by Love Moschino, you thing of beauty. In general I’m not drawn to anything in the colour red, I don’t know why but that’s just how I roll. I make exception for this bag though, this super sweet bowling bag with it’s smooth, clean lines and adorable cut out heart (also available in the reverse colour way). At £170 it’s a pretty major investment (I saved for years for my Mulberry) but also kind of a bargain too as the black cut out background is actually a little purse. Still, it’s going to have to stay firmly on my wish list for the foreseeable future as I have a lot of other things that need money spending on them first but I will be keeping my beady eye out for the next Sarenza sale as I’ve snapped up handbags for a fraction of the original price in the past.
What do you think of this little cutie?


Sarenza Sunday: The Original

It’s July and my brain tells me I should be fawning over season appropriate footwear; sandals and flip flops and not browsing the new arrivals on Sarenza which feature some very non-summery ankle boots and shoes. Still, I just can’t help myself…every time I visit the website there has been another drop of new stock and my wish list is getting out of control.
I’ve homed straight in one the Top ten hi sleek w shoe from Adidas Originals…I just loved the retro style and they remind me very much of the shoes people I admired around me wore when I was growing up in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I can’t even narrow down my selection to a favourite colour-way, I would happily wear any or all of them (but I do drawer the line at mix and match odd shoes).
Take a look at Sarenza’s new arrivals and tell me what’s caught your eye.