purple haze days

Top: H&M
Boots: Miista
I am running out of excuses for the blurred photos so I guess we’ll just have to deal with them until I work out my camera, I feel like such a third rate blogger!
Anyway, I was out shopping with Becca and Ellie on Saturday when I saw this top on a mannequin in H&M and practically squealed. You can’t even see it properly here but it features two cats with gems on their heads; clearly I had to have it! The £12.99 price tag might have swayed me too, plus the fact I am in desperate need of more non-knitted tops in my wardrobe. I was worried when I bought it that it’d be too short and sized up, now I realise it’s a pretty good length and could probably do with being more fitted, but all the better to hide food babies with right?
Continuing with my purple theme today (the skirt is purple, honest) I wanted to show you my new glasses c/o Specsavers. The other week I took part in Pass the Specs and having fallen in love with the glasses I was blown away when Specsavers offered me a voucher to get a pair for myself. My local store didn’t have the exact same model but I was soon smitten with these purple frames and having picked them up yesterday I don’t think I’ll have trouble with not wanting to wear my glasses ever again! Thanks Specsavers.
Sorry my blog content has gone majorly downhill lately, I’m feeling really uninspired and a bit down and out about the photo situation. I guess I’m feeling a bit down and out in general but I’ll get over it, I always do! Spring is on it’s way and that is a reason to smile.
Well, off to work I go, followed by being on the other end of a needle for a change…I’m the worst patient for blood tests since I started taking them myself!

Pass the Specs

Dress: New Look
Tights: Primark
Boots: Madden Girl c/o Sarenza
A few days ago I was contacted by Specsavers about taking part in a fun little game called “Pass the Specs”. The idea behind the game is that a pair of frames is sent to five bloggers each month, in turn to see how they style them up.
The frames in question were these beauties by Armani and I have fallen head over heels in love with them, so much so that I am going to scope out my local Specsavers on my lunch break tomorrow, see if they have them and then book in an (admittedly overdue) eye test. I’ve never really been sold on larger frames on my face but without wishing to sound big headed I really think these suit me. I think half the problem before was that my face wasn’t full enough to take them…recovery has so many upsides and I think that warrants a spectacle shaped treat don’t you?
I’m not really sure if I had any inspiration behind this outfit other than it’s what I would and do wear on a daily basis and I think it complements the frames quite well. Something I’ve learnt over the years is that glasses don’t have to be a bind. If you need them you need them and it’s only recently that I’ve started heeding that advice and wearing mine when required. 
Sorry to detract from the main topic of this post, but oh these boots. I’ve had them since I injured my foot and this was the first chance I had to wear them. In love. I managed a whole day on my feet in them with no discomfort. Expect to seem them rather a lot more.
Back on track; what do you think of the frames? What would you style them with?
I can’t wait to see what the other bloggers in this month’s challenge come up with!