No tricks, only treats with Avant this Halloween

Halloween is going to be a little different this year, and Avant skincare are offering 25% off all of their nighttime skincare from the 30th October until the 1st of November to help soften the blow.

From masks to mists, there is a lotion or potion for everyone – you can preview the collection of products that will be available on the avant website.

Get compiling those shopping lists!

What’s on my wish list? #3

And here we are again, my plans for a return to regular blogging scuppered by de-motivation. The motivation to blog is there, but the motivation involved in sitting down and putting fingers to keyboard is kind of lacking. Still. I hope that with longer days and brighter weather my slump lifts, it can’t continue, it’s a mystery to me why it even started in the first place to be honest…but anyway, enough of that and on to the latest wish list post (which contains some affiliate links FYI).

Skirt | AllSaints: I very rarely browse the AllSaints website, it is so firmly out of my budget and yet so full of things I want to own it’s ridiculous. Occasionally though I slip up and allow myself a peek, inevitably I then fall in love with twenty thousand things I can only ever dream of owning, this skirt being one of them.
Coat | AllSaints: This coat is another from my AllSaints indulgence and I just love that big over-sized collar and graphic pattern. There are many reasons why I will never own this coat, the price being the main one, the second highest reason on the list is the colour. I am one of life’s mucky people and I will never in a billion years be able to keep this clean.
Dress | Joanie: My obsession with anything space themed is second only to my obsession with cat themed items of clothing or accessories. I zoned in on this Joanie dress the second I popped on to their website. It is quite frankly out of this world (sorry).
Dress | New Look: New Look are consistently nailing it with their new arrivals at the moment. First there wast that polka dot dress from a few weeks ago (which I eventually managed to get my hands on) and now there is this daisy printed dream. Hurry up payday, my wardrobe needs this dress, perfect for the trans-seasonal transition that is ahead of us.
Skirt | Nobody’s Child: I’m not usually big on red but there is just something about this skirt. Again it’s great for that awkward time between seasons- ideal with a chunky knit now, and a ribbed tee when the warmer days finally arrive. I love the ethos of Nobody’s Child as a brand and I want to make this year the year that I introduce them to my wardrobe.
Dress | Thunder Egg: There will always be a special place in my heart for skater dresses and this lightning bolt beauty from Thunder Egg perfectly represents why. Flattering, versatile and the right side of quirky, it’s love at first sight. I’m going to have to do some saving to afford the £60 price tag but this dress is the dream.

What’s on my Wish List? #2

So much for January being the month I got my blogging mojo back and created content I was happy with/proud of. Actually, those days of blogging feel long gone and I do wonder how much longer this piece of the big wide web will continue for. Maybe as wedding plans progress, new journeys begin, and this current slump I’m in starts to lift I may feel differently. Probably even once this month is done, the first month of the year always kicks my ass no matter how much I tell myself it won’t. At least I’ve had window shopping to keep me sane, and as a consequence, another wish list post has formed.

I’ve not been feeling very body confident lately, bought on by a final push to weight restoration I find myself drawn to looser fitting items. I also find myself drawn to the polka dot trend that seems to be everywhere, so this Polka Dot Dress from New Look is probably going to make the transition from wish list to purchase very soon.
Bob and I are obsessed with Sabrina on Netflix and are eagerly awaiting chance to sit down and start season 3. I am also eagerly awaiting stock of this Sabrina inspired palette arriving on the Boots website; from one of my favourite high street makeup brands, NYX, this is just crying out for me to spend the last of my Christmas money on.
It seems that I want ALL of the dresses right now. New season is hitting the shops and I’m all about the bold prints and clashing patterns. This dress from Oasis is gonna have to stay on the wish list for now at £52, but I just love it and I think it would make a really versatile addition to the wardrobe.
I already own far too many pairs of trainers for someone who works a 9-5 office job and does no sport. I’m having to repeat this to myself over and over since seeing these adidas trainers on the Office website…be still my beating heart, be still.
Another dress that’s caught my eye is this belted denim dress from & other stories. Another piece well out of my price range but very much on my radar as the perfect trans-seasonal piece.
I think the & other stories denim dress would look fabulous with these ankle boots from Zara. My ankle boot obsession is getting out of hand- I’ve purchased three pairs since December (sadly meaning I cannot justify these)…is anyone else powerless to resist their charms?

What’s caught your eye recently? Any ideas for what you might like to see on the blog in the coming year?

*post contains affiliate links*

What’s on my wish list right now?

I don’t know when I got so sporadic with blogging…as last year drew to a close I told myself 2020 would be the year I got back on track, and yet here we are, 13 days in and I’ve barely posted a thing, oops! Let’s just call that an adjustment period to a new decade and crack on with things from now.

And what better way to crack on than with a wish list? Something I’m always creating and yet never seeming to get around to posting, by the time I do, things are out of stock or I’ve gone off something. I’m currently on a mission for a dress to wear for a wedding in March, and whilst I’m yet to find something that fits the bill, I have found a whole host of other things that tickle my fancy.

Jumper; & other stories. I have such a vast jumper collection that I truly can’t justify any more, but this one is a beaut!
Dress; AngelEye– I went on to the site to look for a dress to wear to the wedding but fell in love with this day dress instead.
Jumper; Joanie Clothing. See above comment r.e. jumpers, but this one literally is the dream and I am sorely tempted.
Trench coat; Monki. Another thing I do not need is yet another coat, but this Monki one is a classic and I am smitten.
Skirt; Oasis. This is unlike anything I’d normally go for, mostly because it’s too fitted for me to feel comfortable in, but I love this skirt and dream of teaming it with some body confidence and fluffy jumpers.
Dr Martens; Office Shoes …what’s not to love?
Dress; Very. I love a high neckline, and a midi dress so this is pretty much my dream. I love V by Very for affordable fashion.

What’s on your wish list right now? I’m trying hard to shop more in charity shops, less fast fashion etc…and whilst I occasionally find some gems (Donna Ida jeans for £3.99 anyone?!) I can’t resit the lure of the high street.

Currently Coveting

My life seems to be one big wish list at the moment, shopping is at an all time low as any spare money was either spent on our holiday, or is now being saved for Bob’s 30th Birthday and of course, our wedding.
I’m totally ok with this though, I’m lucky enough that I get treated to things every now and again (thanks Mum and Bob!) and I certainly don’t have an empty wardrobe, so I’m quite content with a lot of browsing and sharing my favourite finds on this little piece of the internet.

I’m not sure I can pull of yellow, but this AngelEye midi dress is stunning. I’m obsessed with browsing this site, so much gorgeousness at pretty reasonable prices, this dress is £48 and would be perfect for the new season.
Palava is a brand I found purely through social media and they have some of the most gorgeous dresses around. I instantly fell for the Beatrice walking zoo dress– I mean, how could you not?

Joy has featured on the blog many, many times before and I still absolutely love this shop, they have some of the best dresses around and most of my favourites come from there. Red is another colour I’m not sure I could pull off, but this Louche midi dress jumped out at me regardless.
I think I can probably justify the purchase of this Happy Planet Planter* from New Look as it’s only £6.99. Fake plants are essential in our house due to Pablo’s tendency to eat everything he shouldn’t and this is just adorable!
Another New Look find is this Pink Playsuit* . It might feel like Summer is almost over, but I think a pair of nude tights could see this last through September and I love this girly take on the utility trend.
I really wanted this Oasis midi dress to wear to a wedding we went to a few weeks ago. I couldn’t justify buying anything new, but I’m still obsessing over these pink polkadots!

So there we have this week’s lust-list, I always say I want to make this a regular feature again and maybe now I’m feeling a bit less jaded about my blog I actually will stick to my word. Most of my browsing this last few days has been wedding related- would anyone be interested in some wedding themed wish lists? And what’s caught your eye lately?