I’m not sure why, but the outfit in this post just made me think “cavewoman” so I’m rolling with it for my title. My mind works in mysterious ways sometimes and I’ve learnt by now not to try and question it…anyone who knows me in real life will confirm that I get the oddest trains of thought and the most random moments.

Dress: Primark | Sandals: Zara | Necklace c/o Jon Richard

I keep telling myself to buy quality over quantity but last weekend in Primark I couldn’t help but go a little bit mad with their bargains. This dress was just one of the several dresses I picked up and was only £5. I really want to go back and get a couple more in this style- there were loads of prints to choose from as they fit so nicely and are a decent length for once! My wardrobe was seriously lacking in little summer dresses, and with the recent hot weather I felt it was time to rectify the situation.
I’ve been living in these Zara sandals lately too, I really have changed from a heels girl to flats. It might be an age thing or it might be the broken foot then damaged back saga but I just don’t have the tolerance for heels any more…does this mean I’ll be reducing my shoe collection though?! Not a chance!
I have so many more new pieces to show in outfit posts over the next couple of weeks, I can’t remember the last time I had such a productive shopping trip and now I have some freelance works as well I kind of felt it was justified…
Have you had a good haul lately? Sales everywhere make it far too easy!

11 comments for “Cavewoman

  1. I’ve bought a bundle of second hand items recently but not much in the sales. I seem to be on a beauty product binge at the moment. I blame Really Ree and Zoella!

  2. I can see a little Wilma Flintstone there 🙂

  3. This dress looks lovely on you and I love the sandals! I always say the same to myself too but I’m a sucker for Primark bargains 🙂 xx

  4. Beautiful dress – you have a great eye for picking up some great patterns. I would have passed right over this on the rail but it looks fantastic on you!

  5. Love the dress, you look like a total babe! I’m trying to avoid the sales as much as I can before I go on holiday but I have picked up a couple nice things from Primark for a few quid xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  6. I haven’t gotten anything in the sales! Love those gorgeous sandals x

    Josie’s Journal

  7. I love that dress, cant believe it was only £5, I’m going to go and get some, and justify it by getting some nice jumpers to wear over them, so they are winter appropriate too 🙂 I had a decent haul on my birthday, Primark totally came through for me 🙂

    Gems x

  8. What a bargain for £5! I’m definitely going to pop in and pick one up 🙂 I know what you mean with the cavewoman title though, the print/texture of the dress does kind of remind me of a cavewoman too… in a good way of course!
    emmerliejay x

  9. I was looking at those sandals!!! They look amazing! The only reason I didn’t get these because I got loads already for my holidays and you know what it’s like here with the summer? 🙂

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars

  10. Hottest cavewoman there ever was, FACT! 😀

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  11. A dress from Primark in a sensible length- you really have hit the holy grail. How is it that my backside always seems to be on show in their stuff?! No major bargains for me, although I did splurge on some skincare from FeelUnique whilst they had some Promo Codes and I’m studiously avoiding buying all kinds of things from ASOS!