Celebrating with Percy Pig

It’s a big year for Marks and Spencer favourite Percy Pig as he turns 21.
To help aid the celebrations Marks and Spencer have released three new varieties of everyone’s favourite gummy animal; Percy in a Twist, Percy and Penny and Percy’s Pig Pen.
Percy Pigs (any and all variety) are my favourite sweets ever, so I was delighted to be offered samples in the post; who could resist? 
(Vegetarians will be pleased to know they can enjoy Percy in a Twist as they are gelatine free, hurrah!)
True to form the sweets are damn good. My favourites were the Percy and Penny ones but the others were also tasty- I was amused that they are labelled as being “Percy Flavoured”.
It’s not just sweets you can buy either, check out your local Marks and Spencer for all manner of goods including biscuits, ice creams, yoghurts and kitchen roll…
Happy Birthday Percy!
Are you a fan?

14 comments for “Celebrating with Percy Pig

  1. Percy Pig is 21? Permission to feel OLD please!

  2. I LOVE Percy Pigs, the problem is one I start eating them I can’t stop!

    Happy birthday Percy 😀


  3. Thanks for taking the time to post such valuable information. I got some nice inspirational thoughts after reading it. I like it so much.

  4. Happy birthday Percy haha! Those sweets have got me through many a long car journey haha xxx

  5. HUGE fan!! I bulk buy these and take them back to India with me 🙂

  6. Liz

    Percy Pig is 21?!

    *cries into pillow about how old I suddenly feel*


  7. I love the Pig … addicted jumps to mind 😉

  8. Cannot believe Percy pig is the same age as me 🙂
    Buying bags at M&S are always such a treat!
    http://clashingtime.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/amazon-christmas-press-event.html xxx

  9. Happy birthday!!


  10. I shall be hot-footing it down to M&S to pick up some of the gelatine free sweeties!! Yummy! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  11. There is only one way to celebrate! Buy them all!!!!

  12. I can’t believe they are 21?! That’s crazy! They also do Percy with green ears which is gelatine free 🙂

  13. You love this stuff don’t you! I’m not mad on sweets but once in a while works for me

  14. Aww man I love Percy Pig! I even have a bag for life 🙂

    Maria xxx