Chocolate Shampoo? I’m a fan!

One thing I love about blogging is that I am fortunate enough to get to try products that would otherwise pass me by. I’ve been introduced to many brilliant companies and have found a lot of new staple products that I’ve re-purchased time and time again. I’ve just added another product to that list, the Chocolate Shampoo and Conditioner (yes, you read that right!) from Faith in Nature.
When Faith in Nature contacted me and asked if I’d like to try a couple of their products I couldn’t help but opt for this sweet sounding set of hair care. With it’s blend of organic Cocoa and Vanilla blended with Sage it sounded right up my street, and I’ve been in dire need of some new products for a while.

At £5.50 per bottle the price is comparable to other Shampoo and Conditioners on the market and I like that these are organic and natural as despite bombarding my hair with dye and heat I do otherwise like to keep it as chemical free as possible.

Now, don’t go expecting these to smell like a bar of Dairy Milk because they don’t! But they do have a familiar and rich smell of chocolate (that makes me hungry every time I wash my hair). I have found in the past that natural products don’t leave my hair feeling as clean as standard shampoos and conditioners but that wasn’t the case with these, and after a couple of washes my hair was starting to feel normal again after a bout of struggling with somewhat dry and frazzled strands. Far from being a novelty with it’s confectionary based smell these are products that I really rate, it’s ages since my hair has felt this clean and soft and I put a large part of that down to regular use of these two bottles. They are already added to my re-purchase list, along with the refreshing sounding Pineapple and Lime range. I might just stick a few body care items on the list for good measure- I mean I’m majorly feeling then need to match my shower gel to my shampoo at the moment, how can a day start wrong when you’re washing yourself in something so sweet smelling? Chocolate is an instant mood fix for me, in the food form and that’s now transferred over to my shower habits too!

Have you tried any Faith in Nature products before? Which would you recommend?


5 comments for “Chocolate Shampoo? I’m a fan!

  1. Does it really make your hair feel clean? I love using natural products but shampoo have never worked for me. X

  2. Ooh this sounds lovely- good to know it looks after your hair well too.

  3. Oh I would love to give this a try, I always look out for organic hair products – they always seem to make my hair a lot less greasy.

  4. Chocolate shampoo!! I love their coconut shampoo, so I’m sure this is just as good.

  5. I’ve tried a variety of FIN’s haircare products and while I did like them, I found that the conditioners weren’t conditioning enough on dry, frizzy hair. I’ve still got to try the coconut range, so fingers crossed they’ll impress me! xxx