Christmas Party Shopping with McArthur Glen (the outfit)

Following on from last week’s post on my day spent shopping for the perfect party outfit with McArthur Glen in Swindon as promised here is the outfit reveal a breakdown of the bargain prices!
Dress: French Connection (£80 down from £250) | Bag: Fiorelli (£31 down from £49) | Shoes: Mary Portas for Clarks (£12 down from £79.99)
It was love at first sight when I saw this dress in French Connection. I’m a bit of magpie when it comes to finding party wear and although £80 is still more than I usually would spend on a dress, given it was originally over three times more than that it seemed a total bargain! Because of the combination of neutral colours it’s more versatile than it first appears and dressed up with different accessories I will be rolling this baby out for seasons to come.
On this occasion I had my heart set on metallic accessories. I’m not really a clutch bag kind of girl so finding this one in Fiorelli with it’s chain strap detailing and slightly bigger size was just perfect as it means it will get used outside of the occasional party. I’ve always had a soft spot for Fiorelli bags and with a whole shop full of their gorgeous designs at bargain prices at Swindon it was naturally the first place I headed on my hunt for the perfect partner for my dress.
Shoes were harder to source as there is just so much choice at Swindon and I didn’t know where to start. After a first scout around in shops like Kurt Geiger and L.K. Bennett it was upon a chance happening in Clarks where I found my perfect pair. They were marked up at £39.99 but when I went to pay the lady joyfully informed me they were only £12! I couldn’t believe my luck. It also meant I had the perfect excuse to visit the cosmetic company outlet and treat myself to an Estee Lauder gold eye palette to finish things off perfectly. I was going to go down the jewellery route as well, but in the end realised that such a dazzling dress really doesn’t need any…and I have a tendency to take it off and lose it half way through a party (after a glass of wine or two…)
Thanks to all of these bargains I even had enough left on my gift card to treat Mum to a couple of things, a thank you for being bag carrier and photographer for the day too…I even managed to bag myself an adorable jumper in Marks and Spencers too- perfect for post-party hangovers…
What do you think of my party look? I’ll be wearing this to my work Christmas party this weekend and can’t wait to show it off. It was brilliant to be able to splurge on brands normally out of my reach for the same price as typical highstreet brands- thank you McArthur Glen for having me, rest assured I’ll be back in time to get an outfit for my friend’s wedding in May!


10 comments for “Christmas Party Shopping with McArthur Glen (the outfit)

  1. Vix

    What a fantastic dress, you look gorgeous! x

  2. Hi Laura!! You made a great choice here!! The dress is so unusual and stands out beautifully and what a bargain on the shoe front! X

  3. Really beautiful pick in the dress, can see how it would be great for a wedding or similar, as well as Xmas parties. Can’t believe the steal on the shoes either. I just caved and bought another pair of Clarks Chorus Voice heels (the dusky navy pair). So help me and my addiction.

  4. Ah Laura, you look lovely, that dress is gorgeous! – Tasha xxx

  5. Forgot to say, this is the link to my blog now, I’ve been posting these comments with my old blog link – I’ve changed it now so you can find me again! Silly me!

  6. Ahhh, cutie! I love the dress!

    Corinne x

  7. Whooooaa! that dress! I remember trying it on in the FC store when it first came our last year and totally fell in love with it! You SO suit it! Love the bag too!

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars

  8. This is such a gorgeous look! Amazing choice of dress. xxx