Co-ordination Is Key

I’ve had the outfit in this post saved in my wardobe, waiting impatiently for it to become cool enough to wear to work, and given that the temperatures are now dropping by the day I’d say it’s finally time (ok, so it was probably time way before now if we go by outside temperatures, but my work place has it’s own micro climate at times!).

Co-ord: Primark (skirt and top) | Tights: Primark | Boots: Jonak at Sarenza

I think it was July/August time when I first spotted this co-ord set in Primark and decided I needed it. I can’t remember exactly but I think it was £20 for the two pieces, both of which work really well on their own with a plain top or bottom added so you got real value for money. Unusually for a Primark piece this is really well made and fits like a dream, I hope they bring out similar styles in the future as it makes for such an easy work outfit with mix and match options too.
I’m not sure if these boots will see me through the entire winter. I own so many pairs of ankle boots but these are the ones I keep returning too and they are starting to look a little worse for wear. I should probably force myself to wear some of my others to give my feet a break, but these are just so comfortable and go with everything…I’d never heard of Jonak before getting these, and I’ve just checked out some of their latest styles- these are now calling my name- but with plans to move in the new year as serious spending ban must start, and shoes are the first thing to stop buying!
Are you a fan of the office co-ord? I’m thinking a trouser suit may be a good way to go- after my spending ban ends, of course!


8 comments for “Co-ordination Is Key

  1. This is a really pretty look and looks much more expensive than Primark! Those boorts ARE cool, shame if they don’t last. X

  2. This is such an ace outfit on you! Maybe I need to psych myself up and venture into Primark?!

    Maria xxx

  3. This get up looks fabulous hun. Perfect for the office, go primark!

    X x

  4. LOVEEE THIS! You look stunning xo

  5. Your coordinated black grey and white floral print Primark blouse and skirt and Primark black tights are a beautiful outfit. I think it would be lovely and appropriate worn almost anywhere including at the office, and think it’s much prettier than trouser suits.

  6. This is gorgeous, Laura! Love your hair, too. xxx

  7. Love love love that print! What a versatile outfit.