Crazy for Ice Cream*

I’ve always said that should I ever get married then my one requirement is that I can have an ice cream van at the reception. I’m an ice cream obsessive- although it’s only recently I’ve felt able to admit this (anorexia banned me from admitting to liking any type of food for far too many years). Childhood holidays are punctuated with memories of Mr Whippy, getting covered in ice cream and red sauce and laughing at my Nan as she inevitably was the first to spill hers down herself, so when this graphic about the evolution of the ice cream van came along courtesy of Van Monster I knew I had to share. Fellow ice cream fanatics read on…
I’m a bit of a history geek so it’s great to finally know the origins of one of the greatest inventions of all time, as well as how things differ around the world. It’s definitely true that there are far less vans on the streets these days, although where I live appears to have quite a dense population of them still- there’s always one parked up near work seemingly all year round!

What was/is your favourite thing to get from the ice cream van? For me it’s a 99 flake with a good squiggle of red sauce…I do recall a place in Cornwall that had a whole rainbow of different sauces though, that really ought to be a thing nationwide!


2 comments for “Crazy for Ice Cream*

  1. Oh I love this! I’m the same I love finding out about the history of anything, and I loved reading through this poster. I would have loved to have seen the carts with the horses as according to my family’s genealogy my great great grandfather used to paint the carts the horses would tow, and apparently they were lovely, so this made me smile! Love it. – Tasha

  2. This was fun to learn. I love the history of products! My friends had an ice cream can at their wedding and it was fab!!