Crushin’ on Converse*

When it comes to casual shoes there is one brand that will always be my first port of call- Converse. I’ve held a soft spot for the brand for as long as I can remember and despite being a complete pain to break in [literally] the blisters are worth it. Over the last few years there has been an influx of bigger, brighter and all together jazzier designs become available and it’s a nightmare for my shoe addict self. Right now especially there are at least a dozen pairs I wish I could call my own, and suddenly my pale pink holographic pair seem somewhat inferior. Here is just a small selection of the pairs that have captured my attention in recent weeks.

[all available on the Converse website]

I’m known for being a bit of a magpie so it goes without saying that half of this wish list is taken up by shiny styles- the glitter hi-tops are probably the pair I’m coveting the most, although they are closely followed by the gold metallic all stars and the plain white with silver detailing.

On a slightly less in your face note the neon pink and polka dots are both very me- the neon pink perhaps the least versatile of the bunch as it’s a tough colour to match with a multitude of outfits, but the polka dots would work nicely with a lot of my wardrobe. And then there is the crochet hi-tops, probably the least practical of the bunch but I’m really taken with the feminine twist on such a casual shoe.

Anyone else crazy for Converse? Which pairs are topping your wish lists right now- and how many pairs do you own? I’ll admit that a large part of my current desire for blinged up sneakers is entirely the fault of Jo at Jo’s Clothes. Her sequin pair are pure joy in footwear form!


7 comments for “Crushin’ on Converse*

  1. Laura!! Which ones are you buying next? This post has also made me want more pairs, so I’m totally blaming you! Jojo x

  2. I like the plain white with silver detailing, I love a flash of metallic!

  3. Ahh you’d rock every single killer pair of these Converse to the moon and back gorgeous Laura! Every time I see you wearing your pretty pink pair my eyes always go heart-shaped :D I own three pairs but feel two don’t count (white and denim blue) as they’re so muddy and rubbishy from overwear. My only (almost) immaculate Converse are a tangerine hi-top pair, but I was eyeing up a similar orange-y pair in a shop window only the other day. I’m all aboard with you on the crazy for Converse board, how stunning are the dotty, the gold, the glittery and the crochet pair? Who am I kidding I want them all ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. I love Converse but these days I just have a plain black pair! I’d love some navy ones x

    Sick Chick Chic

  5. I love the glittery ones. I’ve actually never owned a pair of Converse – and I have no idea why now!


  6. I like the glittery ones!