CyberCandy: Happy Birthday Milka!

This fine looking specimen is my latest product to review from sweet enablers Cybercandy who sent me this special edition Milka bar in celebration of the brand’s 111th Birthday.
I’ve mentioned before my love of Milka chocolate, I don’t care how much 85% fine dark chocolate  offered up wave Milka’s creamy, sweet goodness under my nose and I’m a happy bunny. Perhaps growing up with Dutch family influences this- Holland, and all of Europe is a treasure trove of weird and wonderful flavours (if you get the chance, try the Milka with Tuc cracker for sweet and salty heaven). This bar was up to the usual standards of the brand, and the white chocolate cow was a nice touch. They probably could have gone a bit more overboard with the novelty factor but why fix what isn’t broke?
You can buy the bar, and many other exciting varieties here
Are you a fan of Milka? What’s the best bar you’ve tried?


9 comments for “CyberCandy: Happy Birthday Milka!

  1. That is such a cute choccy bar!!

  2. I have Dutch family too! 🙂

    I love Milka chocolate, especially the one with Daim in it. The Tuc cracker one sounds amazing! x

  3. dan

    I love Milka, Milka with Daim is possibly the best thing ever invented! xx

  4. I adore Milka! Happy birthday to them, and hope you enjoy the chocolate!

  5. Oh my! I love Milka, they have so many good flavours I couldn’t pick!!

    Em x

  6. I’m definitely a Milka fan!!:D I like the one with a biscuit at the bottom and the one with the caramel filling. And every other kind.:) But I didn’t know that it was their 111th birthday, that’s HUGE!!

  7. Jealous! I love the Daim one (I miss Daim bars!) and the TUC biscuit one looks amazing

  8. I haven’t tried Milka yet but Easter is just around the corner. I generally indulge my sweet tooth then – maybe I’ll try Milka. It looks delicious 🙂