Daisy Chain Dreaming: Gadget Girl

Just a bit of a fun/random post for once, a break away from the outfits and fashion related things and moving in to Christmas gadgets and toys in the hope that Santa might be reading!

I really, REALLY want one of these mini snack dispensers for my desk at work; or maybe even the front desk; the perfect way to pacify poorly and frustrated patients (and an increasingly more stressed Laura?!) I think so! I wouldn’t say no to one in my bedroom either…or the kitchen, landing and pretty much everywhere; what would you fill one with? It’d have to be M&Ms for me I think, or jelly beans, or maybe both.

The crafty cat bank appeals to the crazy cat lady in me and would probably scare the crap out of Mae. It meows whenever you pop some money in so would be fantastic to encourage saving loose change (trust me, doing so pays, Mum and I regulary go shopping thanks to emptying our piggy bank of silver coins) and it pounces on the coins when you drop them on the plate. Ok, so I’m a five year old at heart but who cares!

And who cares that this ride on trike is aimed at 4-7 year olds (I’d have loved this as a kid, my Dad’s a policeman!) I want it now, I could whizz down the corridors at work minus the crutches blaring the siren sounds to clear people out of my way. Ok, so whizzing might not be the most apt word given that the top speed is 1.5mph but it’d be less painful than the crutches and the novelty factor would take at least a week to wear off.

If you were to write an alternative wish list what would be on it? I do like to indulge my inner child from time to time and I really am hoping for a snack dispenser in my life soon.


4 comments for “Daisy Chain Dreaming: Gadget Girl

  1. I would love a sweet machine, I’d eat them all in a day but ohmygod what a good day it’d be!


  2. These are such cool little Christmas gifts, child toys have really improved since i was a child! That sweet dispenser would be perfect for me – i’m a bit of a sweet-a-holic. Loving that cat piggy bank too, my mums a major cat lady… we’ve got 8 cats! xx

  3. Ahhhh! I had a sweet dispenser just like that when I was little! I wonder what happened to it. I really enjoy the ones that are like little vending machines where you enter a pound and get a sweet. Encouraging saving and giving you sweets. My idea of heaven 😛 xo

  4. My wish list would definitely include some Lego! In fact, I already have some 🙂 xx