December’s Instagrams

Christmas Jumper (from one of those random cheap shops springing up everywhere)

Hood and scarf in one? Best invention ever for someone on crutches in rainy weather.

Drink of choice

Making the best of it

My mini tree

I have too much love for novelty knitted goods

Thanks santa!

Hiding out with the shoes, good on ya Mae

Crashed out after too much Turkey

Festive food haul

Braved my Bertie boots for all of two minutes on Christmas day

Not a fan of my penguin hat

Best lipbalm in the world ever

Before she tried to eat them

Full of post Christmas cold

Advent calendars (picked the scratch card one up in Holland and won five euros)

Party cat

Bed stealer

I threatened and I did it

Baby clementines from Waitrose, almost too cute to eat

How has your month looked?


23 comments for “December’s Instagrams

  1. Haaa, that lip balm is awesome.

    Instagram is the best. I need to get back into it, kind of sacked it off since facebook took over =(

    Corinne x

  2. Looks like a very full and fun month! My December has looked like a dress lol, so many dresses because of Dressember, I love it though 🙂

    My favourite of these photos is the one of you in the hat and scarf combo, too cute 🙂

    Janine xx

  3. wow that knitted dress is lovely. I love my dresses too.

  4. G&T lip balm! Looks brilliant. Am sorry to see you were still on crutches over Christmas, but very impressed by the festive makeover you gave them. Wishing you a very happy and creative new year.

  5. I love your christmas jumper! And glad you aren’t letting the crutches get in the way of a bit of festive cheer!

  6. My cat has literally tried eating our Xmas tree lights since they went up! Pleased it’s not just her.. Haha.



  7. cute kitty overload! um…that lip balm looks life changing, i want. scratch that, NEED it haha.

    i love your crutch decorating too, very festive 🙂 my december has me looking haggard but has been filled with many lovely people/things that have kept me super busy!

  8. Your hair is look fantastic!

  9. Love your Christmas jumper!

  10. Gin & Tonic lip balm is amazing!
    Hope you are soon on the mend, as if the poorly leg was not enough. Here’s to a happy healthy new year! Xx

  11. Lovely Christmas roundup 🙂 Love the festive decorations on the crutches too.. and I want that jumper (and the G&T lip balm)! x

  12. Oh Mae is adorable and I really love the tinsel on your crutches. I hope your foot repairs itself for the New Year. xxx

  13. I love your Christmas crutches!

  14. Awesome photoage!!!

  15. Wow such a lovely Christmas! Love that Mae is so very much adorable xxx

  16. Where did you get that lipbalm from?! I need that!!
    Also that is some fancy looking gin, yum.

  17. Love the fairy light crutches! Hope you have a fab New Year xxxx

  18. Glad you liked the lip balm 🙂 Love all of your winter knitwear! xx

  19. Ooooh you found a cool christmas jumper there!! X

  20. aww your kitty is SOOOO cute!

  21. Love your christmas looking crutches lol.

    I love that knitted dress and such cute cat xx

  22. Grapefruit and coconut gin? Sounds EPIC!

  23. Looking gorgeous as always! Loving the festive crutches. How is your leg now?xxx