Ensure You Are Photo Ready*


It always feels like people are always snapping photos nowadays. They can’t wait to get their phone out to get some pictures- after all, they can then share them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to share with their family and friends in an instant. However a lot of people feel they aren’t photogenic and they look back at the photos with regret. Here are some ways you can make sure you are always ready for your photo to be taken- make sure you are always photo ready.

Ensure your makeup is always on point
It’s never good to be caught makeup free when it comes to photos. After all, you might have to live with these photos on social media for years to come!If you’re not a fan of your natural look this thought can make you shudder in horror. Therefore, before meeting up with friends and family always ensure you put on makeup. Go for your favourite tried and tested makeup look that you wear every day, and if you have an idea some pictures will be taken you then it isn’t the time to go there with a new look- you might live to regret it when you see the photos. And it’s always a good idea to keep makeup in your bag so you can redo it during the time out. That way, you can ensure you look glamorous when the photo is taken! After all, smeared makeup is never a good look!

Practice your pose at home

It can lead us to panic when our friend or family member says smile- after all, we don’t know how to make our face look on point for the photo in an instant. This can mean we pull an expression which is a bit crazy. In fact we can often start cringing when we look back at the pictures! Therefore, to ensure you are photo ready you should practice your best smile while you are at home. Look in the mirror and try different smiles. After all, we never really know how it’s going to look until we have tried it. So give different smiles a go until you find one that you are confident looks good. You can also practice angles which as you can see in the best selfie guide can make all the difference to the photo! Then when it’s time to take your picture you can be assured you know you will look fantastic.


Always dress to impress

As much as you might love wearing that cosy jumper and trackies when you are chilling out they aren’t going to be good when it comes to picture time. In fact you will regret that casual outfit when it’s time to look back at the photos. Therefore to ensure you are photo ready it’s important to always dress to impress when it comes to meeting with friends and family. Only wear outfits you are willing to share with the world, so if the camera does come out you are happy for the photos to go public. And remember to pick good shoes as well; everything will come together to help you impress with your outfit.

And remember to always tell your friend if you are not happy with a shot. They are bound to relate and offer to retake it so you aren’t left feeling low at the picture!


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