Everything you need to know about vehicle excise duty in 2017*

So much has changed since I first started learning to drive way back when I was 17 [which makes me feel horrendously old]. A lot of these changes pass me by until I get to the stage where I think I really ought to pick up my lessons again and this time around it seems there are more differences than ever. Not only is it more expensive than ever to run a car thanks to petrol prices- I remember the horror when it went past £1 per litre back in the day! There are also changes to the driving test itself and of course the upcoming changes to vehicle excise duty which I’ve been trying to get my head around and somewhat failing.

Guessing that I’m not alone in find it all very confusing I’m sharing this handy infographic from the brains at used car dealership Motorparks which helps explain things in pretty much the clearest way I’ve seen to date.

I hope that some of you, my lovely readers have found this helpful too. Hopefully this time around I will get myself driving by the end of the year, and at least when I finally do I’m armed with the most up to date knowledge I can find!

What’s changed since you first started driving- if anything? I suspect that most of you are too young for there to have been any changes!


2 comments for “Everything you need to know about vehicle excise duty in 2017*

  1. It’s so useful to see what changes are happening when it comes to vehicle excise, it can be so overwhelming so this post was brilliant to read my lovely! I wish you all the best with the driving beautiful lady, I know you can do it times a million and believe in you a trillion :) I car-share with my mum at the moment and have only ever ventured to Starbucks on my own, but one day hope to get my own vehicle and then I’ll most definitely be referring back to this super handy post as soon as I do! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. This is so useful for me as I know next to nothing about this kind of thing and I’m hoping I can learn to drive soon/in the near future so this will serve me well, thanks for the information and update lovely and hope you’re doing well too! – Tasha