Finding A Job In 2016*

In this day and age it may seem that it is incredibly hard to find a job in such an over-saturated market. If you are a recent graduate it can feel like you will never find a job in your field of interest or that you will need to go back to education just to land a job related to your degree. The reality is that yes, it is hard to find your dream job but it has always been this way. What has changed is that technology allows you to look for jobs more easily than ever. Sites such as Jobrapido allow you to access thousands of job openings and to apply to hundreds per day. Here are some tips on how you can maximise your job search to begin your dream career and find a job you’ll love.
According to new trends there is still a plethora of opportunity in the mobile, analytics, health care technology and automation industries. What do all of these have in common you may be wondering? They all are being innovated through technological advances and need skilled employees who are on the pulse of this new age. Anything within the healthcare field is also growing due to the ageing population and is also being merged with innovative industries.

When we talk about an over-saturated market we are pointing out that there are many people entering the workforce with degrees. However skills and experience are always more helpful on top of a good education. When you have graduated it is important to never stop developing your skills to make them more applicable to real world scenarios and careers. If you are pursuing a masters degree for example you may want to find a more specific program in order to allow yourself to stand out from the crowd.

There are many job boards and websites to start your search for a job but you will also want to check out talent communities. These are interactive discussions between employees and potential employees as well as employers. You automatically have to specify which industry/industries you are looking for a job in return you’ll have a platform for future opportunities. It is also a great way to network and learn more about jobs before you decide to take one.

Mobile devices allow you to stay connected no matter what and apply for jobs on the go. When you have free time during your current job or are commuting you apply to any number of jobs per day. These job applications have the interface and interaction people crave making job searching more fun than scrolling through descriptions and trying to pick the best opportunity. There are so many ways to make job hunting more interesting and more effective try out all of these suggestions and you may find yourself landing your dream job in no time!


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