Finding the perfect winter coat to flatter your figure

While it is always sad saying goodbye to the glorious summer sunshine for another year, or as we call it in Britain, the week we all insisted on wearing shorts, we have to admit that we feel a little bit excited when the clocks change and the long nights draw in. That’s because it’s time to get our winter coats out again!

If you think about it, your winter coat is one of the most important items in your wardrobe. Not only does it need to serve the purpose of defending you against the elements during the coldest months, but it also acts as your external shell for a long period of the year.

A decent winter coat will be worn every day for at least 4 months, so it’s important that you get it right. It is essential that you choose a wonderful winter coat that not only keeps you warm, but also flatters your figure. You may have spent hours carefully selecting some ultra-chic attire, but if you throw on a frumpy old coat you will be detracting from your overall look.

Wrapping up doesn’t mean you have to cover up your curves, and with the right coat you can achieve an elegant and flattering look while staying warm. A long line coat with a belted waist will work wonders if you are looking to accentuate your waist and a flared skirt will act as a distraction if you are trying to draw attention away from your hips. If you are unsure about what style to choose, assess your own wardrobe, carefully examine your most flattering pieces and try to find coats with a similar cut or length as they should be the most flattering shapes for your figure.

When it comes to choosing the design of your winter coat, timeless style always triumphs over modern trends. A simple black ensemble can be transformed into effortless Parisian chic with the addition of a beige trench coat with a belted waist. Aim to find a coat made from fine quality textiles such as wool, cashmere and mohair so you know that you’ll be reaching for it year after year, with the guarantee that it will stay in the same premium condition as when you first purchased it.

Of course, one of the best ways to find a flattering winter coat is to have it tailor made to your own unique figure. While you may think this could be a little pricey, consider how often you purchase a cheaper coat, only to throw it away after a few months because it has either gone out of style or has fallen apart. Tailor made coats are an investment, as they are crafted from high-quality materials, so you know they will withstand many winters. Opt for a classic design and colour to ensure that it never goes out of style.


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