Food Files; Lord Poppington

If by now you don’t know how obsessed I am with popcorn then I despair! I was delighted when the wonderful Kurt at Savoury & Sweet got in touch some weeks ago now telling me about his company and offering me samples of some of Lord Poppington’s finest.

Lord Peter Poppington is the proud purveyor of perfectly popped popcorn – self-styled as not quite
Lord Sugar, not quite Lord Strathclyde (no, we didn’t know who he is either, you’ll have to look him up!
), he is however undoubtedly a Lord to the core, wearing his top-hat at all times – even in the bath, or
so it’s rumoured, but we won’t be checking that out in a hurry!

A huge fan of alliteration as you’ll see on his packaging, Facebook pages, Twitter feed and website,
Lord P, as we’re sometimes permitted to call him, currently has four great flavours in his great quality
popcorn range –

Sweet and Salty Golden Barbados sugar from The West Indies Sugar & Trading Company blended with Cornish Sea Salt Co salt to deliver a unique interpretation of this all-time favourite. 128 calories per pack.

Lightly Salted
Cornish Sea Salt Co salt simply folded into crunchy mushroom popcorn for a fresh and light flavour. 96
calories per pack.

Chilli and Lime

All-natural lime and red chilli seasoning creates a flavour combination that’s both zesty and warming.
94 calories per pack.

Four Cheeses
A natural seasoning blend of Cheddar, Red Leicester, Camembert and Mozzarella cheeses combine to
replicate one of the UK’s favourite pizzas. 94 calories per pack.

All four flavours were truly delicious but the real winner for us (my family got involved in the tasting) was the Four Cheeses. We’ve tried several cheese popcorns now and this one was the clear winner…the perfect blend, without being over-powering.

Sweet and Salt was always going to be a winner; it’s one of my all time favourite combinations, and you’d be hard pushed to go wrong with plain sea salted.
The Chilli and Lime flavour was a revelation. It was the flavour I hesitated most over, but really suprised me in the best possible way.

If you have any great ideas for new flavours or would like to become a Poppington’s Tasting Partner,
you can pass your details on to Lord P in the following ways:

Twitter: @lordpoppington

In the words of a wise young chap…

“Love popcorn. Winners eat popcorn”
Archie Stonehouse, aged 13

What would your dream popcorn flavour be?


7 comments for “Food Files; Lord Poppington

  1. Popcornopolis in the states did an amazing Strawberries and Cream one a few years ago (I think it was them) and a mexican cheese.
    A really decent salt and vinegar would be amazing though.

  2. sweet and salty is the weirdest I’l go with my popcorn. Im a massive popcorn fan but really cant bring myself to the likes of cheesy popcorn 🙁


  3. Nice post;)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I really like the sweet and salty variety. I’d like to try coriander flavoured, as I adore coriander and wonder how it would taste in popcorn form!

  5. Leanne stundon

    Wow these sound gorgeous. I need more flavoured popcorn in my life xx

  6. That popcorn sounds great!