For the Frill of It with MissPap

It feels like an absolute age since I last did an outfit post- looking back it would appear that it was way back at the start of September which is probably some kind of record for me! I’ve not been feeling all that inspired by my wardrobe lately, I’ve been on a pretty tight budget and haven’t shopped much, I’m also living in work clothes (of which I own very few and are therefore highly dull) and I’ve been crazily busy. Still, I managed to take enough time out to grab some snaps of some new arrivals from MissPap, a brand I’ve seen a lot of recently on social media and on blogs- they sell some fantastic on trend pieces at highly reasonable prices and I was really excited to be given the chance to collaborate with them.

Frill hem skinny jeans c/o MissPap | Embroidered jumper: New Look (last year) | Studded ankle boots c/o MissPap

I can’t say a pair of frilled hem skinny jeans were top of my list when I was browsing the website for items- it’s a trend I’ve admired on other people but wasn’t convinced of for myself. Still, in a fit of recklessness I decided to order a pair (word of advice, they come up on the smaller side) and I’m sold on the concept from here on out. The fact I’m in skinny jeans at all right now is nothing short of a miracle, but that’s a story for another day. A more typical pick from me were the stud detail ankle boots, which cost a very reasonable £30 and are hands down a pair of the comfiest boots I’ve owned. I’m all about the ankle boots, as any long term readers will know and given that I so rarely wear anything with a heel these days having a pair of boots with some eye-catching detail is a great way to inject some life in to my style.
How do you feel about the frill hem trouser trend? I’d consider myself a semi-convert by this point, the frill on these jeans is subtle enough not to draw too much attention. I admire any one who dares go any bigger- whilst they might suit many people, as for me, I fear I’d resemble a clown escaped from the local circus.


3 comments for “For the Frill of It with MissPap

  1. Love the boots and that sweater, I’ve not been feeling my wardrobe lately either… maybe it’s the changing of the seasons or something? xoxo


  2. I like the sweater! Skinny jeans are not for me and to be honest, the frills hem is probably not one I’ll explore but it is nice to see how it works on a fellow ling-legged girl!x

  3. Looking so fabulous in frills my gorgeous girl! The boots are beaut and I’m adoring all your flower power paradise going on. Such an eternal stunner <3 <3 <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo