Forget about Roses, I want Rose Gold!

I was very late to the game when it comes to the obsession with Rose Gold. Whilst everyone around me was going potty with it, I was still stuck on my love of Silver and believed I would never stray. As each season passes by in the world of fashion there seems to be more and more collections featuring this favoured metal, and having seen some stunning new arrivals from lolaandgrace I will throw my hands up in the air and freely call myself a convert (or cliche).
Particular favourites from this selection include the slim line mini bar necklace and the square solitaire ring but if Cupid is taking notes then I wouldn’t object to any of this landing on my doorstep come February 14th…
How about you? Do you get the Rose Gold hype? To be fair, lolaandgrace can do no wrong in my eyes but I just adore everything they make in this metal…which piece(s) do you love best?


4 comments for “Forget about Roses, I want Rose Gold!

  1. For many years I have been a silver only girl in my choice of handmade jewelelry designs as i love semi-precious jewellery and I have always thought that the semi-precious stones looked best set in silver but I am being won over to the rose gold. Rose gold is softer that yellow gold and there are many semi-precious stones that are enhanced by this soft colour. i think that silver will always be my favourite precious meatl in jewellery but I can see that there will be some rose gold pieces being added to my jewellery box.

  2. Those designs are so beautiful. I love rose gold.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. I was the same as you – I never thought I’d stray from silver but I have found I quite like rose gold – especially on rings and bracelets. I love that key necklace! – Tasha

  4. I love that diamond longer necklace! I’m also a sucker for rose gold. 🙂