Gift Inspiration: Makeup gifts with Beautyspin and*

Beauty gifts and gift sets are my favourite stocking filler to browse at this time of year. Being a bit of a makeup addict myself, and knowing several more people who also warrant the title this is THE perfect time of year to stock up on favourite brands or try new products- often in adorable packaging or extra value sets too.

Today I bring you some gift inspiration (or just one giant wish list) from Beautyspin an online retailer who stock a whole host of goodies from well known and loved brands at excellent prices. There is a plethora of beauty gifting inspiration on the site and to sweeten the deal you can score some extra savings by shopping through

I won’t link to all of the products individually as there is such a huge selection on the site that really the best way to get a feel for it is to visit yourself…this is drop in the ocean of what I’m actually coveting and what I think would make perfect presents for beauty lovers everywhere.

Oddly my most coveted item is the metallic (and somewhat space-age) lipsticks by Freedom. I’m having serious lip product addiction problems at the moment which is leading me to crave all kinds of crazy shades and finishes and my latest object desire is everything metallic.

Santa, if you’re reading this post then please do feel free to slip a set in my stocking- and the NYX lip product set wouldn’t go amiss either. Thanks, I promise to be good!

How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? I’ll admit I’m way ahead of myself this year and I’m pretty much done- this brings me in to the danger zone of buyers remorse and spending way over my budget on additional gifts for my nearest and dearest as well as a few for myself along the way…


One comment for “Gift Inspiration: Makeup gifts with Beautyspin and*

  1. I’ll take all the NYX products! xx