Gin & Elderflower treats from Holly’s Lollies- with a discount for you too!

I love gin and I love sweets so when an opportunity that combined the two came my way excited was an understatement! In this post, and for the next couple of months I have teamed up with Holly’s Lollies to review some of her seriously tempting treats AND offer some exclusive discounts and surprises for you too.

Holly’s Lollies is the brainchild of Holly Brook, a 24 year old psychology graduate. What initially began as a summer holiday hobby soon became a full time job- in 2015, bored with office life Holly quit her job and began her confectionary business full time. At the time of conception Holly’s Lollies are the only handmade sweets made with real alcohol.

Every product is hand made with real alcohol- when a bundle of Gin and Elderflower goods arrived at my door I couldn’t wait to get stuck in.

Everything looks almost too good to eat doesn’t it? These are hands down the prettiest sweets I’ve come across. Obviously looks aren’t everything though and the real question is how do they taste? Well…

There is certainly a taste of summer about these goods, the lollipops especially bring back memories of sunny days with an ice cold g&t (and to further that experience you could dip a lolly in to an ice cold g&t). These are delicate and delicious- a real grown up twist on a childhood favourite.

The humbugs are incredible. As a fan of the humble mint humbug I wasn’t too sure what one could expect from a gin and elderflower take on tradition. Get past the lurid yet some how enticing green colour of the sweet and you have the sharp tang of gin balanced beautifully with delicate elderflower. These would make for a wonderful gift for any gin lover…the trouble being I’m finding it hard to imagine purchasing a jar then being able to part with them!

Finally we have the giant lollipop and I’m going to confess I haven’t tasted this one yet as I just can’t bear to break the perfect swirl (but it’s ok, there is a 12 month shelf life- I have plenty of time!) Apparently these would be great for a wedding and I shall certainly bear that in mind should I ever getting married. In the mean time I just want these scattered around the house, one glance at it in it’s bright green glory and there’s an instant smile on my face!

I know quite a few of my readers are also big fans of gin so it is with great delight that I am able to offer up my readers a 20% discount off of all GIN products until the 31st of October. Simply enter the code DaisyChainGin at the checkout.

Prices (pre-discount) are: £3.50 for the giant lollipop, £6.50 for a jar of humbugs and £6.50 for 5 x lollipops.

Let me know if you treat yourself, I’d love to know what your take on these are. And watch this space for more alcoholic sweets and treats soon!


2 comments for “Gin & Elderflower treats from Holly’s Lollies- with a discount for you too!

  1. I love the sound of the humbugs! I love gin, I love elderflower. Match. Made. In. Heaven!

  2. Did you say Gin and Sweeties?

    SOLD! What an amazing idea…

    Hugs x