Going Green in the Garden with Compost Direct*

Our flat might not have much in the way of the garden but we are responsible for a small patch of space at the front which we’ve recently spent a bit of time sprucing up. I’m not the most green-fingered of people, I think that talent skipped a generation with me but I do enjoy pottering outside and reading up on just how much you can do to create a greener outside space in every sense of the word so I very much enjoyed this latest infographic from Compost Direct.
I’m not sure that our little patch of patio is quite big enough for a compost heap, it only just accommodates a couple of troughs full of flowers but as a youngster I was always fascinated by the compost bin in my Grandad’s garden (and the wildlife it provided the perfect habitat for). If we had a bigger space I’d be insisting we had one too as our local waste collection service is hit and miss and this is the perfect way to make use of those kitchen scraps and you have the satisfaction of knowing you’re creating a nutrient dense fuel for your foliage.
Do you compost?


One comment for “Going Green in the Garden with Compost Direct*

  1. Yep, we have two compost buckets in our garden. I keep a little caddy by the back door for putting my vegetable cuttings and tea bags into!