got the time?

I remember a time when the Argos catalogue was the highlight of my childhood days. The arrival of the latest edition meant hours spent deciding what I wanted for Birthday/Christmas/Insert occasion here…and then, suddenly, that stopped, it fell out of favour in my fickle mind and I started to look further afield.

Shame on me. When Argos got in touch the other day and asked if I’d like to pick a watch to review and I got browsing…the magic returned. With their huge range of ladies watches to suit all tastes and budgets, all those memories came flooding back.

I picked this Firetrap watch, taken in by the delicate stud detailed wrist band and clean cut simplicity. I have the wrists of a small child so had to take it to my local watch repairer to get it adjusted, but it is otherwise perfect and hasn’t left my wrist since it’s arrival! Retailing at £64.99 I think it’s a bit of a bargain, nailing a popular trend yet staying classic.

If you haven’t taken a look at Argos lately, convinced like I was that it is somewhat dated…I suggest you take a closer look. It’s still an Aladdins cave of treasures and I bet you some of that childhood magic returns.

Go on,
have a browse and let me know what you find!


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  1. Great watch, what a treat! I love the strap. xxx

  2. I used to LOVE going through the Argos catalogue! The watch is lovely, love the strap xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  3. Haha, I used to like looking through the Argos catalogue too, especially at Christmas. Lovely, elegant looking watch xx

  4. Very cute watch! I love the strap!

  5. Gorgeous watch but what is even more gorgeous is your dress!!!

  6. Lovely! I like the studded look too:) Clean, elegant, but also matchable with more kick-ass outfits.

    P.S. I adore your outfit, lady!

  7. Yes I remember looking through it at Christmas – I’ve not had a catalogue in ages – maybe I should have another look! Thanks for your lovely comment!

  8. Thats a great looking watch.

    My girls used to be soo excited when the new argos catalogue used to come out. Infact the Christmas lists they used to send to santa used to be cut out pictures from it as in their words it would help him to recognise what it was they were asking for! Bless em.

    X x

  9. Sad confession: When I was about eight, I went through the whole Argos catalogue, picking out my favourite thing from each page. Even from the lawnmover section. The really sad thing is that I didn’t mark my favourites, I just pointed at them, so the whole thing was completely futile. I did grow up in a VERY small and boring town, in my defence.

    But yeah, long live Argos!

  10. I used to do that too- go through the Argos cataglogue choosing things taking note of their number and the page number haha.

    The watch is fab, I will definitely be looking in there when I go home 🙂

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  11. Oh I haven’t even seen an argos catalogue in so long, but i used to do the same !

  12. I use to end up going to Argos for everything, and I totally miss having such a store like that over here in the states. I really like that watch though, it’s such a statement piece!

  13. The watch looks so nice! X

  14. Amy

    Ha, ha, I used to love when the new Argos catalogue came out too. I used to pick what furniture I’d have in my future home and the toys (of course).

  15. i love the stud look on your watch and your dress is so cute!

  16. Ah the magic of the Argos catelogue! I remember as a child making collages of things that I wanted cut from those glorious pages! 🙂

    Gorgeous watch!


  17. Lovely watch xx
    Really love your blog xx Wanted to invite you to check out my beauty blog sale xx Lots of Essie, OPI, Leighton Denny, etc xx Hope to see you there xx

  18. I was exactly the same as a child! I used to LOVE flicking through the Argos catalogue! And my Mum’s clothing catalogues – I think that’s what’s spurred my love of glossy magazines now. I have to admit that I’m guilty of thinking that Argos is dated. To be honest, I’m surprised it’s still going with the likes of Tesco Direct and Amazon. Good for them 🙂

  19. I used to be exactly the same haha! I haven’t looked through an Argos catalogue in years but I’m vey tempted now, especially since I need a new watch and yours is so pretty.

    Carrie x

  20. I love firetrap watches, I have two, I like that they are not to girlie and have a bit of an edge. I love the studded bracelet on this one… something else for my wish list.

  21. I have the same fond love for the Argos catalogue, the new catalogue feeling never grows old! Me and my brother would fight over who got to look through it first xxx

  22. hehee! I wish companies like that would send me a watch to review…i’m always 5 minutes late!!