Got to Shop – Astley Clarke

This week my GOT TO SHOP isn’t quite as attainable as last week’s…but I have so much love for these pieces of jewellery that I had to share.

Astley Clarke

(I’m going through a jewellery obsession lately, amongst other things!)

Amethyst Snail Pendant. I have a strange affection for snails. If anyone is talented with er…paperclips, fancy having a go at making something like this?!

Fiji Peace Bracelet. I love simple sleek designs as much as I love unique and detailed. I also love the word peace. It indulges my inner hippy and battle with myself. I want this please.
Marcato Rhodolite Ring. Fancy name, cute and simple design.

& necklace because I am a Language geek at heart.

Love Bird Earrings. Just too stinking cute!

So there we have this week’s top shop…though if I’m honest I could do at least one of these posts a day!

What are you craving?



23 comments for “Got to Shop – Astley Clarke

  1. I adore that peace bracelet, and the & necklace would make such a statement. Atm I’m craving a nice new camera, man tshirts[yup..still haven’t got my fix] aaand THAT primark vintage floral bag. yum.

  2. The snail necklace is very cute.
    I’m lusting over a honeycomb with bumble bee necklace (which I may just buy later on today…)

    Have a good weekend. xx:)

  3. I adore all these pieces! Thanks for showing me this shop! I love the snail necklace, it’s just too cute!

  4. Awww those birdy earrings are so cute!

  5. They are all lovely pieces, I especially like the & necklace – so simple! x

  6. Oh gosh that Fiji Peace Bracelet is something else xx

  7. oh my god you made me look at that website and now I neeeed some of those bits! LOL no moneyyssss

  8. the snail is so cute nice items :3

  9. that snail is too cute! i’m wishing for more necklaces a couple of rings – if only i had the money. Oh and an antique pocket watch for the OH

  10. that snail necklace is TOO CUTE!


    ps come stop by my blog! I just returned from Paris!

  11. That peace bracelet and snail necklace are gorgeous! xx

  12. The heart ring is soooo adorable! At the moment I’m craving lashing of goldin any form, lol.

    Hope you’re well my love and thanks for the lovely comment, I took the shots myself 😉


  13. i’m craving a posh camera bag for my new slr but it’s about 100.00!! so i have to be patient 🙂

  14. The snail necklace is adorable ! Plus it hams birth stone in!

    I also like the bracelet. I think a little like you, I just like the word peace.

    X x.

  15. the ring is so simple yet it seems like I really want it for it!

  16. I love snails too, I had a pet one called Luigi when I was a kid, I Tippexed an L on his shell. He got eaten by birds I think :'(

  17. I like something in ruby…. : )

  18. that snail would have to be the cutest thing I have ever seen! I need one!!!!!

  19. That snail necklace is really seriously cute!

  20. What a fine piece of jewelry designing…. Love to see such fabulous work…..

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