Hair Heroes

So, my hair is in a bit of a state right now. It hasn’t had a cut and colour for ages and I’m at my wits end. I’d been putting off because an iron deficiency led to a lot falling out but that’s sorted now and I need to get my act together!
In the mean time I’ve been pampering my hair with some amazing products from Kerastase that I was kindly sent some time ago now. Out of the box of goodies I couldn’t find a product I didn’t like so I’ll give you my brief thoughts on each of them…
Spray a Porter is similar to a sea salt spray I’ve used in the past. It gives a lovely tousled effect without leaving residue. I found it worked best as a booster on “second day” hair when my waves were flagging.
Boucles d’art is a strong hold aqua mousse that gave my waves amazing definition without leaving them stiff and crunchy in a way that some mousses do. Definite re-purchase when this runs out!
Mousse Bouffante is a traditional mousse which when teamed with the Boucles d’art gave amazing volume to my hair and made it look fuller despite so much having fallen out. 
Touche Finale is the one product I haven’t used much as it’s a finishing serum which doesn’t really agree with my wavy hair. If I’m wearing my hair tied back I do run a bit of this through it when damp to get a smooth and shiny finish though and it doesn’t leave my hair greasy.
Laque Couture is my favourite hairspray ever. It’s pricey but so worth it for the hold and finish it gives. Wow.
Gloss Appeal does exactly what it says on the bottle, giving an amazing non-greasy glossy finish to my hair which is otherwise prone to looking quite dull and..well, dead. Love.
So, those are my thoughts. I know Kerastase isn’t an every day affordable product but there are a couple of real heros here that will be on my shopping list when they run out. 
If you’ve used their products which ones would you recommend?
And what on earth should I get done to my hair.
I’m going to book in as soon as my back is better and I can sit for more than five minutes and I am open to suggestions!

2 comments for “Hair Heroes

  1. I’m trying to grow my hair at the moment and it’s in that in between stage so I need all the help I cant get.

  2. I despair of my split ends. These products sound really promising, I might have to stop being so lazy & try something like this!

    Sophie <3 soinspo