Healthcare essentials to take on holiday

When you’re packing for your summer holiday this year, there are certain items that should make it into your case. For example, it’s a good idea to pack some healthcare essentials.
If you’re yet to make your vacation checklist, consider adding the following products:
First aid kit
Hopefully you won’t need to make use of it, but it’s always handy to have a first aid kit in your suitcase. These kits should contain a minimum of plasters, dressings and cleansing wipes.
Online firms such as Steroplast Healthcare offer a variety of specialist first aid kits that can prove useful in a range of emergency scenarios. Bear in mind that it’s not always easy to find the relevant first aid supplies abroad, so it’s best not to chance your luck.
Pain relief
Headaches, nerve pains and other similar complaints can put a real downer on holidays, so make sure you take some pain relief with you when you jet off on vacation. If you’re travelling with children, it’s important to have suitable all-round pain relief products.
Sun cream
Even if you want to get a tan when you’re abroad, it’s important to take plenty of sun cream or spray with you. Exposing your skin to too much sun can result in nasty burns. As well as resulting in short-term pain, this can cause lasting damage to your skin. It’s recommended that you use a minimum protection factor of 15 and make sure you apply it on a regular basis.
Also, take some after sun with you just in case. This can provide much needed relief in the event that you do get burnt.
Travel sickness pills
If you think you might suffer from travel sickness, take some suitable medication and make sure you have it with you in your hand luggage. Most of these products are fast acting and can be taken during travel.
For flights, it’s also a good idea to take sweets for take-off and landing. This will help you to cope with the changes in pressure.
Rehydrating solutions
In a hot climate, it’s crucial that you drink plenty of hydrating fluids. It’s also helpful to have some rehydrating solutions in your suitcase. These products tend to come in sachets and they contain a blend of salts and sugars.
Insect repellent
Depending on where you’re going, it might also be important to take some insect repellent with you. The last thing you want when you’re trying to relax on holiday is to be eaten alive by flying pests.
You might also benefit from taking mosquito sleeping nets and antihistamine tablets to ease the itching that bites can cause.
Do your research
So that you know exactly what medical supplies to take with you on vacation, it helps to do some research on your chosen destination. You might also find that you need certain vaccinations before you set off. These can usually be arranged at your local GP surgery, but it’s important that you give yourself plenty of time before your departure date.
By making sure you’re fully prepared for your trip away from home, you can enjoy greater peace of mind.



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