Hidden Gems

What is Christmas without a little sparkle? The closer we get to December 25th the more glitter I plaster on- eyeliner, jewellery or my clothes it doesn’t really matter I just love an excuse to look like a disco ball!

Dress: Blog Sale (from the marvellous Terri) | Boots c/o Ikrush | Headband: Crown and Glory | Ring c/o QVC

I haven’t taken off this Christmas ring from QVC since it’s arrival as it just goes perfectly with everything I have been wearing lately. Don’t be fooled by it’s name though as it’s not just for Christmas, this is one piece I’ll be getting a lot of wear from! Less can be said for my Crown and Glory headband as really it only gets worn a couple of times a year but when they launched this design a year ago I just couldn’t resist treating myself and the novelty factor and unique design will last me for years to come. I’m not usually one to wear headbands but this one doesn’t irritate me or make behind my ears hurt so it was well worth the money for that alone!
I’m actually sporting a manicure for once, which I had done at Blog Club during my week off. It’s a rare occasion that I get to have painted nails as I can’t have them for work so I took full advantage of the skill at Bettie & Baldwins and went for a decidedly un-festive hot pink look. I usually begrudge paying to have my nails done but this was still going strong by the time I had to take it off to go back to work five days later. For me this is some kind of miracle and I could probably have got another five days from it easily. I couldn’t resist having some glitter added, I mean, it’d be rude not to at this time of year!
Only a week until Christmas Eve and I’m raring to go (kind of). Everything is done and I’m either spreading festive spirit at work or working at home from the comfort of my bed whilst wearing novelty jumpers or plenty of tartan (I just love this dress!) working on some freelance stuff before taking a few days off. I’ll be winding down the blogging a little over the next couple of weeks too as things are pretty manic, I’m pretty sure my daily posts are becoming a bit of a bore any way!
Do you like to sparkle at Christmas?


3 comments for “Hidden Gems

  1. I love the nails and the pretty headband! Your posts are never a bore x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. Aha!!!! I loved this tartan dress of yours and I’m actually going to share a Crown and Glory Christmas head dress on my blog tomorrow evening!!! Great minds eh?x

  3. Rosalind Blight

    I love sparkle at christmas. I currently have my snowflake nails. And my house is full of sparkle and glitter 😀

    Oh and your blog is snowing OMG you don’t know how excited that makes me