High Top, Low Top or No Top?

Minds out of the gutters guys, I’m not thinking of going topless, I have SHOES on the brain,
more specifically, Converse.

Once upon a time I owned a pair of pink low tops. I don’t think I gave them a fair chance as I wore them a couple of times, they rubbed and so they went…(where? I wish I could remember!)

Over the Summer, seeing my gorgeous friend Becca rock a multitude of pairs I developed a craving for a pair once more. Worn in, comfy, casual and a classic I’m considering treating myself.

This is where I need help. With the new light versions alongside the classic designs and a veritable rainbow of colours I want opinions!

All Star Core Ox in Marine I think I will forever have a soft spot for the low top design and a strange affection for this shade of blue (which considering I don’t own much in blue, seems odd)

As Light Canvas Ox in Charcoal Grey One of my pet hates is heavy shoes. The lighter the better, considering I walk most places and my legs get tired easily. I love the grey colour and see these being really versatile, but a little flimsy? I don’t know.

All Star Seasonal High in Lavender Hello girly goodness! I love how the pastel colour contrasts with the more substantial size of this shoe. I have a high instep though and seem to have problems with high top shoes. Anyone got any experiences?

All Star Slim Core Hi Aside from the fact I’d trash the bright white-ness in seconds, I am very much drawn to these, but yet my instep issue continues, and the impractical colourway.

I’d LOVE some feedback on your Converse experiences,

do you love them as much as I’ve found I do?


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  1. i used to own a pair of pink all star high tops and i lived in them when i was at university.
    these days i prefer the low tops in pastel colours as you can sometimes get away with wearing them with some skirts and dresses.
    high tops are very skater-girl though πŸ™‚
    i have some pump like ones that were in primark last summer for Β£2 a pair in literally every colour under the sun. i maxed out on them and they’ll probably take me through this summer too.
    i have a thing for espadrilles at the moment πŸ™‚

  2. I used to live in my low black and pink cons (with star print laces!) when I was 16 but I stopped wearing them for some reason. Back in the summer I bought a pair of black high tops and some white low tops and now live in them. They’re so comfy and go with almost everything. I may need to invest in some more colours.

  3. Looking at these with you in mind, I vote for either the second or the third picture. Unless you’re worried about the hightops of course…

    You’ll probably know once you try them on:)
    Good luck!

  4. LOVE high tops. On the instep issue, I suffer too (and doesn’t it make getting a pair of pull-on boots an absolute bear!) Scholls Busy Feet insoles make a difference to the support issue, but only if you can get the shoes/boots on in the first place!

  5. I pretty musch live in boots so I’ve alwys found the hi-tops to be more comfy plus they seem to have the cooler designs. I’ve owned a few pairs in the past and they’ve all worn well and if they do get dirty they’re pretty easy to clean I remember I threw a pair in the washing machine once and they came out all sparkling and new although I wouldn’t recommend it just in case you breal the washing machine XD

    I’m loving the Lavender ones you’ve picked such a pretty colour and they’re perfect for spring I can imagine you wearing them with a nice floral dress and a pair of tights xoxo

  6. Mat

    i have loads of converse experience. the were the trainers that all the alternatives worn back at school and everyone else laughed as the thought they were clown shoes. 5 years later is was still the same but know those people who laughed wear them.

    i used to have low pink ones when i was about 17, that sure caused a stir but now i wear beige ones. ive always found them comfy actually

  7. I had a great pair of red high tops that I loved! converse are fab shoes!!!

  8. The first pair! I have these in light grey and I love them! Although my feet do get very cold in them! X

  9. I love converse and also vans. I wear the lowtop classics! I think the classic high tops look fab with a skirt or dress too but so do the low ones ! I am not as keen on the lighter ones but only because when I get a pair of shoes I love I wear the to death .. i fear the light ones may not last as long as the classics… !You should go and try them on and then see which you feel look best !

  10. Also check out the vans !

  11. I’m a high top gal all the way- mainly because I find no top/ low tops make my feet look really big….not sure how that works! xxx

  12. i have the all stars but never wear them for some reason. love the lilac pair.

  13. LOVE the Chuck’s. Growing up I had the high top’s in just about every color imaginable. These days I’m a little less exciting as I only have the black low tops.

  14. I used to wear my Converse every day, so I own them in different colors. But they’re all High Tops. I don’t know why I bought High Tops, but I like them. But I must admit High Tops don’t fit skirts well. To wear them with skirts and dresses Low Tops will definately be the better choice.

    At the moment I wear my Converse very seldom. They just look silly combined with my skirts. I just like them combined to jeans so you can’t see they’re High Tops. I guess High Tops make my legs seem really short that’s why it looks so silly when I wear them with a skirt.

    Oh and I don’t like the Lights. They don’t look like Converse, the just look.. strange.

  15. oh my goodness, in south africa EVERYONE wears converses (though they call them all-stars). i have a pair of pink low tops with pink embroidered daisies on them, have had them for 4 + years and still love them, mostly wear them with skirts and to dress down summer dresses, cos i’m not the jeansy type!

    personally i adore the grey ones mainly because of the colour, but the navy ones are also lovely and would be very versatile.


  16. I do love converse. However I have just brought a cheap pair of Lee cooper low tops for Β£8 and they are so comfy as well as looking fab with my jeans! And vans e always been a favourite.

    X x

  17. i want the grey ones soooo bad. love them!! hope you’re doing well. happy friday!!

  18. I don’t have any from converse but the cheap ones are nice. I have a pair in red and i just LOVE them. So easy to wear!

  19. I’ve never really been a huge converse fan, but those grey ones are gorgeous! GET THEM! XX

  20. I have classic low tops which are my staple for festivals so they are filthy but I love them.

  21. I love Converses! They are one of the most comfortable shoes ever. I have so many.
    I would recommend the Light Canvas ones. I have a pair like that and they’re so light to wear and would go so well with a dress or skirt as well.
    Try looking into Vans if you want sneakers. There are some really cool pairs.

  22. My friend had a white pair with a rainbow on them, seriously cool. I love the blue pairs myself, but any of these are cool and I prefer the low tops to the high tops, but it’s whatever you like, both styles are cool. xxx

  23. I used to have a pair of high tops and I loved them but now I’ve got a pair of No Tops, I much prefer them.

  24. I have a pair of black and red high tops and a pair of white low tops with orange, pink and yelllow bubble patterns. They are both comfortable and I also have a a fairly high-instep. The irritating thing about the hightops for me is getting them on and off, always having to really loosen the laces etc. The lowtops are easier. Not great in wet fields though- they get uncomfortably soggy!

    I remember desperately wanting a pair of navy blue converse one-stars (lowtop) at school, aged around 12, after seeing them in Just seventeen or Mizz magazine and really wanting them but not being able to afford them, so my heart is really with lowtops!
    The lilac are really pretty but I like the navy!

  25. As a fellow converse wearer I own a pair of original black converse and I also own the last pair which are white lite hi-tops, personally I prefer my black low top’s to the lite hi tops. It’s more of the visual appeal rather than comfort, the hi top lites tend to pinch my feet though! Hope that helps!

  26. I have the blue ones you’ve pictured, and I LOVE them. So comfortable.


  27. You should go for the second pair here. I love how light they are.

  28. I have a navy pair of Converse-lookalikes which I got for Β£8 in Asda. I’m not a particular fan of Converse, just needed a flat-ish trainer that wouldn’t look stupid with straight cut jeans as my usual trainers were far too bulky. I prefer my shoes to have a thicker sole.

  29. Oh I have so many pairs of Converses, one which belonged to my sister before so they’re about 15 years old and I still wear them, just can’t when it rains haha.

    All my converse are high tops, I don’t really like any other pair but it’s down to personal preference. Get one of each in different colours! I have red and grey ones, used to have navy ones and have a pair of yellow ones which are a size too big and need to be sold! Still want a black pair and maybe some baby blue ones..

    I love Converse bacisally!

    Bhav x

  30. Bloody Hell, I feel soooo old ~ I was having this conversation with my teenage son a few weeks ago as he couldn’t decide which ones he wanted!! I did get him both hi and low top in different colours as he is adorable and I can’t resist him. Got the little one Cat in the hat one’s too, now I am broke πŸ™‚
    Kandi xx

  31. I love Converses. I have high and low and I wear them all the time and they last forever – still regularly wear the cream pair I bought when I was 14. I like the way that pale Chucks get grubby but that is personal taste, they go in the washing machine otherwise. x

  32. D.

    High top! It goes so well with skirts and dresses! πŸ˜€

  33. I’m not really into converse, but actually the thought of a pair of baby blue low-tops and I might just be sold!

  34. These were the shoes of my life for such a long time, and still now I yearn to have them back (my Mum threw them out when they were literally falling to bits). I had the low tops and found them to be perfect xx

  35. I have numerous pairs of converse all styles. I love them! Major obsession when I was 15! I have the second pair in white and they are my favourite. They last really well and are just so comfortable. So much better than the top ones.

  36. The grey light ones are really nice. I have some black low tops and I know what you mean about heavy shoes…

    I do want some light ones when pennies are available lol

  37. H

    Converse are such a case of if you can’t beat them join them.
    I’m gonna get some for summer too! πŸ™‚

    Maybe buy a pair second hand so they’re already worn in, ruffed up and they won’t rub πŸ˜‰

  38. Love my converse. They’re the only sneakerish trainer I wear. I would say go with the low tops, as they’re more versatile.


  39. Definitely low tops! x

  40. I find low-tops most versatile, the light ones just look strange.

    Although I checked out the website you linked and I’d advise http://www.rubbersole.co.uk/ the prices are so much cheaper. E.g. white low tops are Β£48 on Spartoo and Β£34.99 on RubberSole πŸ™‚

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