Hot Iron Holster review and giveaway

I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and admit I’m not the tidiest of people- clean yes, but tidy not by a long shot! My bedroom is probably best described as an assault course and since having my hair restyled this has become even worse (and more dangerous) as I now use both a straightener and curling wand each morning then leave them lying around to cool- and trip over, and burn myself on.

Thankfully I was recently contacted by packing sorted who must have some kind of psychic insight about the state of my floor because they offered to send over one of their products, the Holster Products Hot Iron Holster*.

The Hot Iron Holster is a heat resistant (up to 260 degrees celsius) silicon holster designed to safely store your hair straighteners, curling wands and other styling tools whilst heating up, being used and whilst cooling down. You can pretty much use this anywhere as it grips on to any smooth surface. It’s been an absolute saviour in my bedroom and would also be a perfect travel companion as it folds up small and is easily fixed to and removed from surfaces.

The Hot Iron Holster costs £18.99 from and comes in a choice of four colours- pink, white, black and purple.

As well as sending me a Hot Iron Holster to review I’ve also been given a second one to giveaway to one lucky reader. If you fancy getting yourself a bit more organised, not to mention safer then just follow the simple steps below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This really is a great product and would also make an ideal Christmas present for anyone who uses styling tools on a regular basis!

Good luck, this giveaway is open to UK readers and upon closing I will contact the winner and pass their delivery details on to the PR who will send out the prize.


35 comments for “Hot Iron Holster review and giveaway

  1. Michelle Ptak

    This is fab as I have to leave my draw out whilst my irons cool, I would also like storage for my hairdryer which just lies on the floor.

  2. Tracy Nixon

    This is great as I would use it for my straighteners! I wouldn’t mind finding a good storage solution for my hair dryer as everytime I come to use it the cord is tangled even though I wraped it carefully when I put it in my drawer!

  3. Tracy Hanley

    I need something for shoe’s , they look so untidy in a pile

  4. Alica

    I need storage for cat toys that are all over the house!

  5. Debbie

    i need on of these holsters lol im always burning the carpet xx

  6. This looks like a great idea – I keep mine on the floor at the moment…

    Gisforgingers xx

  7. Sarah Lambert

    Food storage I never have enough and it seems to disappear when I need some

  8. It won’t let me enter. Stupid Rafflecopter *sulks*

  9. I need a storage solution for my bags they are literally everywhere

  10. I could do with a new make up case. My little bag just doesn’t fit everything in and the kids think its fair game to touch anything that is out.

  11. Jo Carroll

    I need a proper dresser so I can keep all my hair and make-up in one place instead of dotted all around the house on various shelves, counters, tables and window sills ;)

  12. Laura Nice

    My make up!! Its such a mess!

  13. I’ve now entered! :)
    These would be perfect, I always balance them on an open drawer when they are heating up and cooling down, and it’s hardly stable

  14. Helen Swales

    I’m most in need of storage for my jewellery; I don’t have any expensive jewellery but the items I have always end up tangled together. I go to grab a necklace to match an outfit and it takes me 10 minutes to untangle it from the others; I’d love to have a proper hanging jewellery case so I could just grab it and go!

  15. keri brooks

    This would be amazing if put my straights down the other days and it melted a bit of my wire didn’t even know this sort of thing existed

  16. Stacey Schofield

    As a crafter I am always after any kind of storage. This would definitely come in handy too.

  17. Lynsey Buchanan

    An extra room for my clothes

  18. Kat Allinson

    I need storage for the childrens toys, we have nowhere to put them

  19. Diana

    I need more storage in our kitchen :/

  20. Rich Tyler

    For my wife to stop leaving them on floor, much safer with a toddler!

  21. I need something for my converse high tops – I have plenty of shoe storage but I would like my cons to have a nice storage solution

  22. Paula Cheadle

    I need more storage in my kitchen, never got enough space

  23. Karl Borowy


  24. Jane Middleton

    to store my shoes

  25. Hayley Todd

    I desperately need storage for my make-up! At the moment it’s all chucked into drawers and I can’t find anything. I would love the specialised acrylic make-up storage units.

  26. Maria Jane Knight

    Storage for all my shoes! The dream would be a Kardashian-esque dressing room with a shoe carosel!

  27. ive recently found the love of curlers but wow theyre hot ive burnt my elf so many times on them and so I would use this for those

  28. michelle o'neill

    more clothes space!

  29. tammy neal

    This looks like a great idea – I keep mine on the floor at the moment

  30. Laura Harrison

    Storage solution for my collection of shoes woukd be good. Thank you for the lovely giveaway xx

  31. Kim Neville

    My makeup needs organising so I can find things easier

  32. I need a btter way to store my gift wrap, its a big mess.

  33. Ruth Wollerton

    I need this to stop burning my floor and proper filing systems to tidy all my paperwork.