House of Florrie

Attention to detail makes all the difference to me. It can be the deciding factor between whether I love a brand or simply like it. I was recently introduced to a new British watch brand, House of Florrie who’s attention to detail goes above and beyond- from the watch itself to the packaging it arrives in, they’ve got it spot on and I’m in watch heaven.
As part of their introduction House of Florrie very kindly asked if I would like to pick a watch to style up and of course I said yes! (post on that to come) Given that I’m pretty behind in my blogging at the moment I also wanted to do a post just focusing on the watch and brand itself. I let them surprise me because frankly, I am hopeless at making a decision and I was blown away to receive one of the Eleanor watches* complete with interchangeable strap*

Aren’t these the prettiest timepieces you ever did see? The printed leather straps are just stunning and I struggle to choose which one to wear on a daily basis (and I’m yet to find a way to incorporate both at once! The watch face itself is also a treat on the eyes with it’s beautiful rose gold casing and delicate details.

I think we should also take a moment to appreciate the packaging. If the embossed boxes and printed tissue paper weren’t enough then finding these pretty little lollipops nestled inside was the icing on the cake. This is a brand who care about what they do and want to tell the world. If I wasn’t lucky enough to already own a watch I’d be popping one of these at the top of my Christmas list. As it is there may be another strap or two sneaking it’s way on there.

If prints aren’t your thing then there are a few other styles to capture your heart. I think the Pearl Expander is a lovely way to wear metal.

If you can’t quite tell from the way I’ve waxed lyrical about House of Florrie it’s a LOVE from me. I love the brand’s ethos of bringing back British craftsmanship and the fact you can really see the passion that has gone in to producing these pieces.

I’d love to know what you think and which watch has taken your fancy.


5 comments for “House of Florrie

  1. It looks pretty and delicate from what I can see on my phone and having strap choices is very useful, esp if you have a blue strap but are wearing a clashing colour. The lollies are a sweet touch. Makes me think of the lovely Florrie Clark who sadly stopped blogging at her old site.x

  2. I do like a bit of rose gold and a watch. I like the violet stripe collection as I think the width of the strap works well with the size of the watch. It’s a lovely everyday watch, while the pearl expander are lovely for a bit of a dress up.
    They have a vintage feel to the design too, which is very pretty.

  3. Oh, it’s so pretty Laura and so you! Beautiful and feminine.

  4. Oh this is so pretty Laura, I love the detail and design and the cute little added extras with those lollipops! Will definitely have to check these guys out! – Tasha

  5. This is a gorgeous watch, wow! And as you said there’s so much detail in it, as well as the packaging. Must have been an absolute delight to receive:)