Every time I wear this skirt I get told I look like a humbug, which kind of goes against my current festive spirit (and also gives me a craving for mint humbugs which I haven’t had in years!)

Blouse: ASOS | Skirt: Dorothy Perkins (last year) | Boots c/o Ikrush

Given that winter I wore almost all things monochrome this time round I have somehow avoided black and white…I don’t know if I’m more cheerful or feeling like standing out more but I find myself reaching for the brighter items in my wardrobe over those that tend to blend in. I wouldn’t really say that this outfit blends in though, and I do still love myself a simple colour scheme. I actually bought this blouse last year but didn’t get round to wearing it (despite thinking they look lovely I’m not really a blouse or shirt person), I’m trying to force myself to get some use from it this year though as it wasn’t the cheapest and I do love a bit of velvet.

The skirt is more of a Spring piece as it’s very lightweight, but I wasn’t in the mood for a short skirt that day and with some black tights and central heating I managed to avoid hypothermia, which going by the weather lately is some kind of miracle. As I’ve mentioned before, the Ikrush boots have barely left my feet- there’s something so endearingly ugly about them and I love them! Do you have any shoes like that?

Have fun if it’s your last day at work today, I’ll be working right up to Christmas Eve and then back in on the Monday but I wouldn’t have it any other way really (although I might say otherwise when it actually comes down to it!


5 comments for “Humbug

  1. Love this look, I even had a humbug this morning!

    Maria xxx

  2. I LOVE LOVE Love that skirt! I have one similar but in a red/peach stripe 🙂

    Corinne x

  3. I really like this look on you! Your skirt reminds me of my Sainsbury’s dress!

  4. Beautiful. <3

    xx Nicole Rose