A new month can mean only one thing…it’s time for the latest dump of instagram photos and it seems lately I’ve been snapping more bits of my life than ever…October was the month where I finally joined the real world and got myself an iPhone, which means I’ve been taking full advantage of having a decent camera on my phone and an internet connection that works!
As ever Mae features rather heavily, she’s such a character and keeps us all entertained.

Link me to your latest round-ups, I love being nosey at other people’s lives, especially when they are 100% more exciting than mine!


3 comments for “Instaspam

  1. Loving your instagrams especially the very cute and photogenic Mae. The Lindt Halloween treats look yummy.I definitely need to get some (for me, not the trick or treaters)

  2. Mae is a cutie!!! X

  3. I keep seeing Lush goodies popping up on blogs at the moment, it’s been far too long since I’ve treated myself to some! Love the Mae pics xx