Interior Ambitions

Call it the Pinterest effect but lately I’ve found myself browsing interior design websites and online shops more and more frequently; an obsession which is only likely increase when the time comes to actually move out of my Parent’s home.
Lately I’ve been loving the selection of products on Fabrics & Papers…specialising mostly in well, fabrics and papers there are also some really gorgeous decorative pieces that I would one day love to add to my own abode.

What would you have in your dream home?

How have you decorated where you live now? DIY decorative ideas welcome…

8 comments for “Interior Ambitions

  1. That wall paper is amazing and the reading chair too! We haven’t decorated our house and it could definitely do with it. Perhaps I will have to have a little loo on Pinterest for some inspiration.

  2. I’ve just bought a new blanket, they’re so expensive but I got mine from The National Trust. Profits go to charity too, double whammy!

    Buckets & Spades

  3. Pinterest has definitely fueled my interiors obsession! I love the look of that throw, bet it’s SO cosy xxx

  4. That cashmere throw and wallpaper is so nice! I try not to go on pinterest too much as I know I will get too obsessed! xxx

  5. Liz

    I LOVE that wallpaper. But then, I am a sucker for anything bird-print. I’m going to be moving in with the bf soon, so we’ve been planning paint colours… I’m not sure if we’ll actually end up embracing the decorating so just doing the bare minimum we can get away with…. I like planning these things but I’m not so good at the execution!

    Liz xx

    Distract Me Now Please

  6. Love that wallpaper – shame it’s so hard to buy wallpaper in the US – it’s non existent in DIY stores, it’s all about the paint. Sigh.

  7. That rug is just gorgeous! We rent our home so we can’t alter too much, so I add colour e.t.c. with accessories. We have a very modern look throughout but when we buy our own house, I’d love it to be a bit more rustic with some modern touches! xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

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