Introducing Pablo

It’s the internet’s worst kept secret that I am a complete cat loon, so it’s odd that it’s taken me so long to write this post given that it’s over a month since a new feline entered my life.

And what a month it’s been! From timid, 8 weeks old bundle of floof to (almost) 13 weeks old boisterous adventurer it’s been an absolute joy and delight having Pablo around.

Technically at the moment he is Bob’s kitten, although he tells me I have a good stake too- he lives with Bob and his brother but one day will become ours when we set up home together. I get weekend and some weekday ownership and that includes my share of vet trips, litter box duty and emergency dashes for kitten food because we can’t keep up with his voracious appetite.

Named after the notorious Pablo Escobar (Narocs fans, what of it?) this grey and white fuzz ball is turning out to be a real character and certainly keeps us on our toes as he works out how to pounce, growl and cause chaos wherever he goes. The meow is still a work in progress but he’s making his presence felt in many other ways to make up for it.

Fear not Mae fans, she’s still my main feline companion and my absolute bestest girl- getting photos of her right now is proving a challenge though, with a penchant for hiding under duvets and running the second she spies a camera…but she’s as devious and characterful as ever and I’m sure it won’t be long before she graces the blog with her presence once more.


5 comments for “Introducing Pablo

  1. Aaaaww, he’s adorable! He looks like a kitten version of my boyfriend’s family’s cat (who I never knew as a kitten – he’s 18 now!)

  2. He is so gorgeous – congratulations. Love the name Pablo as well!

  3. He’s so gorgeous. You do quickly forget how small they are in the beginning. I’ve enjoyed seeing him pop up in my Instagram feed – long may it continue

  4. He is such a darling treasure! I adore tabbies and I just love seeing your pictures of him. It’s such a long time since I’ve had a cat yet we had them for so all my childhood and early adult years, we had 8 at several points! That’s what comes of having a vet nurse for a Mum!x

  5. Pablo is so gorgeous. Definitely looking forward to seeing more of him.