Introducing the Purrfect Box

Subscription boxes have become big business over the last couple of years- we’ve got the beauty boxes, the food boxes and now pet boxes! Mae and I were sent a sneak preview of the  Purrfect Box to see what it’s all about.
It was exciting times for us both when the courier delivered a bright pink box to the door, Mae was straight at it sniffing and pawing at it and once it was open she decided it made a pretty comfortable bed even with the contents still in there! The Purrfect Box is a monthly subscription which costs £19.90 a month, or £15.90 per month if you take out a years subscription. The contents of the box are guaranteed to be worth at least £30 with 4-6 premium products inside so it’s a pretty sweet deal, especially as each box is catered to your feline’s needs and preferences. The boxes will have a different theme each month too, so kitty won’t get bored ever again! The first box was Summer themed and went down pretty well!
The first item we tested was a laser pen which provides a little red dot for cats to chase. Mae loved this and goes utterly mad trying to catch that little spot of light. I do want to note these must be used with caution and need to be kept far away from eyes, but it’s good fun and I will continue to taunt Mae with this!
Next we picked out a valerian filled heart toy by 4cats. This has been such a huge hit with Mae as we found out recently that she responds really well to Valerian. It’s meant to be a snuggle pillow type of thing but Mae doesn’t realise this and I’m constantly dodging this as she throws it at my feet. For any one with a manic cat, valerian has really helped calm Mae down (most of the time!)
The bag of treats got a firm paws up from my little fiend. She is a bit of a food snob (the look of disgust she gives when you put down certain brands of food for her is classic) and once she’s found something she likes she doesn’t stray. We’re currently trying to wean her off of a dreamies addiction and these filled the gap nicely. She wolfed down a little pile and keeps eyeing the bag wanting more.
The Wasabycat scratching post was presented to Mae and she promptly turned her back on it. She isn’t a scratching post kind of cat though, unfortunately and anyone who visits the house will see the destruction she’s caused to our carpets. I’m hoping that with time, the catnip provided with this will win her over and it’s a great little box and a really good idea, especially for those who don’t have much space in their home. I’m not giving up on this!
We haven’t yet got around to trying the Trixie multivitamin paste as like I mentioned before, Mae is a bit funny about foods. I’m going to put a blob down in her food bowl soon though to see how she responds…I think it’s a really good idea for getting some goodness in to your cat and I hope that she will realise I’m not trying to poison her.
Overall we were really impressed with the box and I will be treating Mae to one from time to time. I was really surprised by how much she loved the contents as she isn’t known for her love of toys, and being able to customise a box in the future we could leave out any scratching related things. I really would recommend this to anyone wanting to treat their feline friend. It might seem a little pricey but for what you get it’s well worth it. There is also a Pawsome Box for those with dogs.
Order your Purrfect Box here…be sure to let me know if you do sign up as I’d love to know what your kitties think as well- why should us humans get all the fun, eh? I’m not sure why Mae refused to leave my converse alone for the photos, but she is a stubborn little thing!


3 comments for “Introducing the Purrfect Box

  1. What a good idea! Mae seems like such a little character x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. Could definitely do with a scratching post for our cat, she has destroyed the footstool in our lounge!

  3. This is such a good idea! Ras absolutely loves his laser mouse toy – though thankfully he’s also pretty into his scratching post (and the carpet in our bedroom…). Really like the sound of the calming toy – he definitely needs this! And he is NEVER allowed cat nip. It sends him absolutely bonkers…