Jumping To It

I thought it was about time this elephant print jumpsuit showed it’s face again- after buying it and vowing to pretty much live in it I realised I’d actually only managed to wear it once since it came to live with me- oops! I really need a major wardrobe downsize at some point the near future, with plans to get a place of my own in the new year I really won’t have space for everything that I currently own (my giant wardrobe won’t be able to accompany me) and let’s not get me started on the shoe situation…

Jumpsuit: New Look | Shoes: Converse via Sarenza

How’s this for a minimal outift? That’s what I love about jumpsuits, it’s a sartorial quick fix and involves little to no effort. I wore this the Sunday before last for a solo trip in to town- sometimes a little window browsing all alone is the perfect remedy to life’s every day stresses even if there may have been a couple of accidental purchases along the way.
I just need to adopt a more minimalistic approach to the rest of my life now, I am living in cluttered chaos and don’t know where to start in actually determining what I actually need vs. what I think I need/holds sentimental value. Any tips and tricks would be brilliant, I’m so excited about this next step in my life but a little bit overwhelmed by it too!


11 comments for “Jumping To It

  1. Can’t get enough of elephant print. Really love this jumpsuit! Keep wearing it!

  2. I’ve been doing a decluttering challenge where you try and throw one thing away on the first of the month, 2 things on the second, three things on the 3rd etc. It gets pretty tough towards the end of the month but at least it eases you in slowly! Xx

  3. Oh gosh, the downside of house-hunting is that I have to pack everything I own at some point and OMG that is not something I’m looking forward to. I’m trying to be ruthless with my clothing at the moment and get rid of things which I don’t wear or don’t fit me.

  4. You look amazing Laura! The Jumpsuit looks fab on you 🙂 Raspberrykiss xo

  5. I had one like that from Matalan but it was shorts rather than trousers. I unfortunately put on too much weight to wear it 🙁


  6. This is so cute! Good luck sorting out your wardrobe, feels so good when you do though! x

    Josie’s Journal

  7. Oh my gosh your hair colour is amazing! I love it with the monochrome <3

  8. I love the elephant print! It suits you xxx

  9. Love this jumpsuit! 🙂 xxx

  10. SJ

    I’ve been getting rid of lots of physical clutter recently and it’s great. I like to think ‘would I take this with me if we had to move house?’ if the answer is no then it goes – works for everything from clothes to DVDs and kitchen stuff!